The Fairy Queen Tour

Travelling on the world’s oldest rolling locomotive is crafted as a dream experience to taste the real heritage and culture and experiences that are reminiscent of the Indian History, starting from the royal Rajputana Clan to the colonialization of the British in India for all. Each piece and monument tells you a story worth listening to again and again and again to relive every experience the Indians went through is picturesque.

With the intention to provide a world class experience of Alwar while riding the locomotive made by the British offers just the right amount of adrenaline required for Two Days and One Night. Unlike the other Rajasthan Train Tours offered by Complete Rajasthan, this is the only tour that does not offer an overnight stay in the train, however, don’t worry, we got you covered for the night at a super luxurious fancy hotel to take it to the next level.

What are the highlights of this tour, the curious ones ask? Well, we have a Jeep Safari at the Sarsika Wildlife Sanctuary and cruising around the Alwar Palace among other things is what we have in store for you.

The train is designed with the intention to marvel the travelers with every sight. There is a long window in front of the passenger coach allowing you to stare and appreciate the sight while sipping into hot soup and snacks offered by the pantry on your way. Here’s a glimpse of the perfect itinerary –

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Delhi - Alwar : 167 kms

    We begin our Fairy Queen like journey on the Steam Engine early in the morning heading towards Alwar. As we reach the station, get ready for a grand Rajasthani welcome with tikka and garlands to begin our tour. Head outwards with an intention of conquering the Lake Palace and the shopping markets at Siliserh. We end the day with a cultural extravaganza organized for your pleasure along with dinner at the hotel. Make sure to carry your pyjamas because it is going to be a long sweet night with sleep on cloud soft mattresses and pillows

  • Day : 2 Alwar – Delhi : 167 kms

    Commence with a fresh mind after a soul filling breakfast towards Sarsika National Park with your sunscreen and sports shoes on. We spend the day on a jeep safari, in and around the world famous floral sanctuary and tiger reserve. It is said that the safari accomplishes your desire to be close to nature like never before and meet the wilderness in detail with an extensive reservation of flora and fauna to fulfill that craving of adrenaline you have been desiring for a long time.

    We head towards the Alwar Railway Station after this long day to head back to Delhi and bring an end to this British Indian Experience.

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