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Ajmer is a sparkling city located in the core of central Rajasthan, 135 kms west of Jaipur and just 16 kms from the Hindu holy expedition town of Pushkar. It was built in the seventh century by Rajah Ajai Pal Chauhan. It is recognized as Rajasthan’s most significant spot of cultural and religious heritage. Till 1193 A.D., Ajmer was a noteworthy focal point of the Chauhan supremacy when the Rajput Dictator Prithviraj Chauhan lost it to Mohd. Ghori. The initial meetings between the Mughal Emperor Jahangir and the Ambassador serving Queen Elizabeth, Sir Thomas Roe, occurred here.

It is India’s renowned Muslim pilgrimage sites, the tomb of Khawaja Moin-ud- din Chishti, a medieval Sufi-Saint. Additional memorial which are from Ajmer's colonial past are the Edward Memorial hall, Ajmer club and Jubilee clock tower.

This city covers the Anasagar Lake banks, is embraced by the strong pinnacles of the Aravalli hills, and is also the perfect doorway to Pushkar festival. Ajmer has become a stop for explorers looking for consolation in its numerous magnificent spots of worship.

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Getting there

Airways :Jaipur is the nearest airport.
Railways : Ajmer is linked via rail to Agra, Ahmedabad, Barmer, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu and also from Mumbai via Ahmedabad.
Roadways : Ajmer is also well-connected via road to Agra, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Bundi, Chittorgarh, Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer.

Travel Information - Ajmer

Area :56 sq.km
Best Timeto visit :Oct-March
Temperature Details :Winter (October to March): 6°C to 12°C, Summer (April to July): 30°C to 42°C, Monsoon (July to September): 25°C to 32°C
Languages : Hindi, English, Urdu, Rajasthani, Sindhi.

Ajmer Tourist Attractions

1. Ajmer Sharif
This is a beautiful and golden-topped shrine of Khawaja Moin-ud-din-Chisti. He was a medieval Sufi saint who came from Persia to India in 1192. It was founded by Ruler Humayun and the Nizam of Hyderabad added the gate. The holy person’s tomb lies in the center part of the second court. The real tomb is covered in raised marble vault by a silver platform. People from every religion come here to seek his blessings.

2. Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra
It is a wonderful mosque that was built in just within 2 and half days and subsequently it was named after the circumstance(literal interpretation, The Hut of Two and a Half Days). Initially it was a Sanskrit academy that was destroyed by the Mohammad Sultan Ghori and was converted into mosque. This is one of the exceptionally old mosque in India worked in 1193 AD and is an awesome case of Indo-Muslim style.

3. Anasagar Lake
It is a picturesque and breath-taking artificial lake founded between 1135 and 1150 AD, by Anaji Chauhan, grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. The lake is encased by Daulat Bagh Gardens, which is an awe-inspiring patio nursery brimming with tremendous open spaces and rich greenery, and the Khobra Behroon sanctuary two prominent attractions of Ajmer that sightseers want to visit alongside a day excursion to the lovely lake.

4. Nareli Jain Temple
It is a magnificent marble temple, also acknowledged as Shri Gyanodaya Tirth Kshetra, located on the borders of Ajmer. Designed in a modern style, this place is an ideal mix of customary and contemporary architectural patterns. It is considered as favourite tourist spot among people who like to spend some alone time in tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.

5. Ajmer Government Museum
It is located in Lohagarh Fort and celebrated tourist attractions in the city. It is also known with name of Bharatpur Museum.This place showcases the rich heritage and having ample collection of the historical artifacts, objects and antiquities. The numerous sections of the museum are divided into different categories as Archaeology, Armory, Arts, Crafts and Industry, Children Gallery and the assorted section.

6. Akbar Palace
It was built by the great ruler Akbar in 1570 A.D.The goal was to serve it as a homebased to Akbar amid his visits and journeys to Ajmer. In the time of British rule in Ajmer, Akbar's Palace was changed over into a weaponries house and was then retitled as the 'Rajputana Arsenal'. In 1908, some parts of Akbar's Palace were rehabilitated and altered into a museum. There is attractive enormous black marble Goddess Kali idol, vivid military armor and weapons on display at the museum.


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