Rajasthan Destination Weddings

To the dream night...

Weddings in India are an extravagant affair involving a lot of pomp and show. To top that if the couple prospects to have a destination wedding, it reaches a different level of flamboyance and glamour. If you are looking for a wedding that can be royal and exotic at the same time, destination wedding at Rajasthan is definitely an option that you should consider. Although it is a very amazing experience to host a wedding amidst the royal backdrop and quaint settings, we understand that there can be a lot to preside over for a beautiful and memorable day. Hence, we at Complete Rajasthan cater to all needs related to your special day and endeavour to make it a little more momentous, in any way that you would prefer.

Wedding types galore...!

Being a part of the diverse culture and heritage that India upholds, we understand that every nature of wedding requires a different set of rituals and festivities. Even if you are planning a destination wedding in Rajasthan, in any one of the mesmerising locations, it does not require you curtail any of those rituals or traditional ceremonies. From setting up the Haldi ceremony in a bright and cheerful ambiance to hosting the Sangeet in a marvellous party glitz, we administer to all the little details that you require to perform all the intricate rituals with their utmost sanctity.

Theme: Exotic or Royal?

Destination weddings in Rajasthan can be made synonymous to either of exotic or a royal semblance, depending upon the fantasy that you want to embark upon. Each nook and corner has certain utopian places, gardens and grandiose settings that echo eons of love. Whether you choose to host your D-day in the golden city of Jaisalmer or along the tranquillity of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, is totally left to your discretion. Our creative team will put their thinking caps on and exhibit utmost sincerity in presenting you with a gorgeous wedding day, that will be etched in the hearts of the people. We also understand that planning a destination wedding in Rajasthan might result in a costly affair and therefore we take the ultimate care to fulfil your dream wedding but in a budget friendly approach. We will endeavour to concoct the best possible extravaganza, within your limits, and have this day written with indelible ink in your memory.

Band Bajaa Barat....

Weddings are always reasons of merriment and rendezvous of relatives and friends. Hence no Indian wedding is complete without dancing to the drum beat on the wedding day or grooving to the DJ music in the reception party. Even though it accounts relatively a small time frame in the entire ordeal, but we believe in being perfectionists at every little detail. After all these are the little immaculate candid moments that make a wedding further memorable. Right..?

After all of it is done ....

Once the ceremonies and picture moments are completed, comes the yearning for good food to regain your liveliness for the upcoming post wedding scenario. Having a destination wedding in Rajasthan gives you a bountiful bowl of opportunities to choose from where deciding the menu is concerned. You can choose to have an authentic Rajasthani cuisine or a plan a meal that suits your innate theme or it can simply be based according to a cuisine suited to the taste buds of your guests. No matter what you choose, we will bring together an excellent team of caterers that whip up dishes for your day, that will be lip-smacking and unique.

Rajasthan has an abounding horizon of creative ways in which the most gorgeous or delicate weddings can be moulded into reality. All our efforts will be directed towards making this day more eventful and memorable for not only you but everyone who will be a part of it.