The Cuisines of Rajasthan

Set against the backdrop of the Thar region, Rajasthan faces the problem of scarcity of water and green vegetables. Thus, they have evolved a cooking style and diverse food habits that slowly developed into a unique cuisine that has taken up the influence of their long-line of royal heritage and the unavailability of resources brought upon by the arid conditions of the area. The cuisines of Rajasthan are rich as well as economic and is prepared in tune with the climactic constraints and folk and royal heritage that has come down with the Rajasthani population. The cuisine is essentially of the character of Rajasthan, and the ingredients are of Rajasthani nature too, as can be seen in the delicious and local preparation of Bajre ki Roti and Lahsun Ki Chutney.

Bajre ki Roti and Lahsun Ki Chutney

Bajra is one of the top production in Rajasthan and they have made it into a crisp roti paired with a natural onion and Lahsun ki Chutney, a saucy and spicy preparation or garlic and onion. Sometimes, Bajra ki Roti can be also paired with the delicious rich preparation of Mohan Maas or Lal Maas, meat preparations, but the staple Lahsun ki Chutney adds a local twist to the combined dish. It is a favourite among the locals.


Dal-Baati-Churma is a common and delicious platter which is a combination of a spicy Dal, a deep-fried Baati which is made of flaky round breads, salt, milk, a tasty helping of ghee, and a sweet churma cooked in a manner that preserve the different flavours present in the dish and served after dipping it in ghee. The three contrasting tastes compounds into a mouth-watering flavour that bursts in the mouth, once taken in hot. It is a wholesome and healthy meal that has emerged to be a staple food for the Rajasthani population during the winters.

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Mohan Maas

Rajasthan has a heritage of royalty and hunting, and there are a number of non-vegetarian dishes that arose out of the land. Among these one of the favourites for the royalty and hunters is the Mohan Maas, a heavy preparation made of meat, generally mutton, with a creamy gravy to be taken with paranthas or rotis. Milk, cream and spices are the main ingredients used to prepare the gravy and pieces of mutton, especially tender in texture, is put into it making it a heavy and delicious meal served hot right into the mouth. It had been a staple preparation for huge occasions but is now gaining popularity across the state.

Bikaneri Bhujia

Finally, Rajasthan is a land that offers different kinds of snacks. Bikaneri Bhujia is a crispy snack which is made out of besan, mixing moth beans and different kinds of spices, these little crispy sticks explode in the mouth with all sorts of flavours. Originating from Bikaner, a town in the western state of Rajasthan, this small packaged delight is a favourite snack among all the Indians across the subcontinent and has even emerged as an international favourite as well. Generally, found in one unique spicy flavour that is traditional to the formula of the dish, the Bikaneri Bhujia is one very special preparation which is the essence of Rajasthani cuisine, easy to stored and easy to serve anywhere anytime.

Rajasthan is a palace of wealth when it comes to food. One can find cheap food preparations in line with the local taste to the rich gourmet dishes of royalties that will add to the main course of any 5-star restaurant. It is a place for an amazing gastronomic adventure.

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