Shopping in Rajasthan

Shopping through the Pink City...

Jaipur, the capital city of vibrant Rajasthan, is known for its opulent portrayal of Rajput architectural heritage but it can also prove to be a shopaholic's paradise. Housing a number of bazaars that have bountiful varieties of handicrafts, traditional clothing and other antiques that are bound to grab your attention. Thus, presenting you with a Jaipur Shopping Tour, that gives you a jolly ride across the colourful shops of Jaipur neatly parcelling it with a few of the finest historical sites as well.

Jaipur Shopping Tour

  • Bazaar in profusion...

    The Pink City of Jaipur has a bouquet of opportunities for tourists to shop for, amidst the setting of grand structures. The different bazaars provide varied options in items for tourists to carry back with them as a part of the dozen memories of Jaipur.

    Starting the Jaipur Shopping Tour with one of the earliest shopping places, you can be allured by the glitz of the jewellery market or the Johari Bazaar. This bazaar provides it's shoppers with a unique collection of stones, gems, semi-precious stones, and handmade baroque jewellery which will leave you with a plethora of amazing choices.

    Next up, we present to you the Tripolia Bazaar. Meander into the collection of jewellery made of lac and beautiful bangles. Unlike its former, the Tripolia Bazaar has other items in store along with jewellery. Be enchanted by the colourful ensemble of the famous Bandhni print along with designer carpets, brass ware and other traditional wares.

    If shopping for authentic handicrafts is your sole motive of your entire shopping schedule then the next stop will provide you the content you require. The Chaandpol Bazaar, is where creativity and artistic expertise takes the front seat. The array of articles on display made of marble or other handloom will surely strike your gaze. The famous Khazanewalon ka Rasta, will fulfil your wish of beautiful 'mojris' and traditional 'pagris', with other pieces of sculpture made of wood and stone.

    It is impossible to complete a trip of all bazaars of Jaipur and not catch hold of some credible textile goods. Home to many skilled artists the Krishnapol Bazaar sets for you the surfeit of textiles and intricate wooden sculptures that will mesmerise your eyes, thus enticing you to spend on these fascinating pieces.

  • Just not the shops...

    The Jaipur Shopping Tour , also brings to you the opportunity to experience the most significant structures that bear witness to the glorious past of Rajput valour and glamour. Along with hopping across the different famous shopping destinations, bask in the glory of the Rajputi pride at the City Palace of Jaipur. Experience skilled intricacy of structure at the most iconic Hawa Mahal .Tagging along is Jantar Mantar with its unique collection of astronomical instruments. A visit to Jaipur cannot be considered complete without diverging into the magnanimous Amer Fort .

    Thus, this Jaipur Shopping Tour , not only brings to you a wide range of shopping fantasises but also lets you take a deep dive into the golden past of this historic city of Rajasthan.

Jodhpur Shopping Tour

  • Delight of shopping at the Blue City...

    Jodhpur has always been elucidated as one of the finest cities to explore the true modesty of the Rajasthan in terms of its alluring lanes mixed with exuberance of a different texture. Along with the overt representation of Jodhpur, the Blue City also has an exemplary collection of markets that make it a twinkling gem in our Rajasthan Shopping Tour. This package guides you through the various rendezvous of shopping that will leave you spellbound by their extravagance of colour and options.

  • The stars of this package...

    Jodhpur brings to you a mixed bag of choices where shopping commodities are concerned. From traditional Rajasthani handicrafts to authentic spices and many other articles that are affordable yet remain as an indelible memento in your abode back home.

    Locally known as the Ghantaghar Market, the Clock Tower market renders as the perfect place to buy the spices that will add Rajasthani flavours in your own gourmet. Having a plethora of options by which you can choose from, the spices in this market are sure to fill flavour and aroma in your Rajasthan Shopping Tour.

    Mochi Bazaar, as the name suggests, will present you with a bouquet of colourful collection of jutis or mojris. With craftsmanship that will be worth your money, the unique blend of colourful fabric and sequins will leave you in a feeling of wonder. Along with shoes, the market also serves as a hub for artificial jewellery, making it very popular among the ladies.

    The Sojati Gate Market provides the perfect alibi to shopaholics to go on a frenzy buying diverse unique items including textiles, jewellery, handicrafts and the authentic Bandhni.

    What is a Rajasthan Shopping Tour, without buying glitzy bangles? The Tripolia Bazaar, one of the best markets of Jodhpur, will fulfil your fantasies of exquisite bangles along with other handicrafts.

  • Other than shopping...

    The Rajasthan Shopping Tour, also includes the various assets that each of these cities flaunt with pride. One cannot afford to miss the ostentatious Umaid Bhavan Palace and the magnanimous Mehrangarh Fort. Observe the beauty perched in white piety called the Jaswanth Thada. Seek some tranquillity at the Balsamand Lake. Marvel your senses with the Hall of Heroes and the Temple dedicated to the 33 crore gods amidst the lush Mandore Gardens. Catch a picturesque sunset at the Mansuria Hills Garden.

    Thus, we bring to you a package that not only let's you travel through the various shopping hubs of the city but also presents you with glances of the best spots, without which any visit to the city of Banjaras- Jodhpur will be rudimentary.

Udaipur Shopping Tour

  • Shopping in the romantic aura of Udaipur...

    Udaipur is always characterised by its omnipresent romantic ambiance and the tranquillity of its lakes. The Rajasthan Shopping Tour of Udaipur, is bound to present to you a side of the White City that is neither tranquil nor romantic but rather filled with the hustle and bustle of shopkeepers and local people. The city has an abundance of amazing shopping hubs that make it a gem in this entire tour. This package, is sure to enfold all of these hue-heightened markets and much more.

  • Where the shopper finds a paradise...

    The Venice of the East, Udaipur, offers its tourists a sea of shopping opportunities ranging from colourful folk toys, bewitching puppets, elaborate traditional attire, pottery, metal craft, traditional paintings, batiks, hand printed textiles and dyed saris. Housing unique collections of magnificent handicrafts, this part of the Rajasthan Shopping Tour, truly exhibit the grandiose of the mesmerising city.

    If you are a painting buff and want to purchase some authentic pieces then the Hathi Pol Bazaar will definitely provide ultimate happiness to you. Ranging from Rajasthani paintings, miniature paintings, slipper made with camel skin- this market has it all along with other souvenirs to select from.

    The hub of big exhibitions and shops, as the name goes, are evident at the Bada Bazaar. Dealing mainly in ornately carved camel bones and other goods made out of the same, the market also has a plethora of other beautiful traditional clothing, textile materials, authentic prints and silver jewellery.

    Being in close proximity to the serene Fateh Sagar Lake, tourists mainly flock towards the Chetak Circle Market. Housing a mixed bag of opportunities in shopping items, pottery and brass articles are something one cannot afford to miss in this paradise.

    Street shopping is always a fun filled experience and the Bapu Bazaar, being located along the meandering Baapu Road, presents you with that thrill. Available at reasonable rates, the Khadi items; crockery; shoes and clothing are sure to capture your glance.

  • Something more than shopping...

    Udaipur is the home to exemplary architectural marvels with deep historical significance. Opulence takes the former seat when you enter the City Palace of Udaipur. The Bagore ki Haveli is bound to spill the secrets of royal lifestyle of then rulers and enchant your senses.

    The most amicable settings of the city, Lake Pichola and the structures which are a part of it, form a must see in this Rajasthan Shopping Tour. The Lake Palace and the Jagmandir, both portray exquisite and intricate sense of traditional Hindu architecture. The other lakes that are bound to mesmerise you are the Jaisamand Lake and the Fateh Sagar Lake.

    Thus, explore Udaipur as a part of the Rajasthan Shopping Tour and meander into the flamboyance of the royal Rajputs along with hopping from one market to another.

Jaisalmer Shopping Tour

  • Shopping and the sand dunes

    Are you a fan of munching on lip-smacking snacks while shopping for intricate handicrafts and authentic textiles...? Then this city that is a part of the Rajasthan Shopping Tour , is the perfect shopping tour that you should definitely embark upon. Jaisalmer, known for being the most colourfully vibrant city of Rajasthan, offers its tourists with copious numbers of opportunities to evade into the thrill of shopping as well as experience the grandeur of the bygone era.

  • The shopping scenario...

    Authentic Rajasthani culture is one common factor that is evident in all the items that are available for sale in the markets of Jaisalmer. Baroque and skilled mirror work on fabrics and other textiles giving shape to astounding pieces of handicrafts, is the speciality of all the bazaars of this city, lying in the proximity to the golden Thar.

    Beginning the Rajasthan Shopping Tour with one of the main bazaars, the Sadar Bazaar is the utopia where you can avail shawls, mirror work dupattas, carpenter, gems jewellery, and handcrafted wooden mementos.

    If you want to explore your budget and want items in varied ranges, Manak Chowk Bazaar is definitely your deal. Along with the flexibility of budget, you get an abundance of choices to pick from if historical antiques, leather goods and jewellery is what is the contents of your shopping list.

    Old markets always have the golden charm of the eras that have preceded and are an eclectic hotchpotch of the influences of people of the particular state. The Pansari Bazaar of Jaisalmer, being one of the oldest bazaars, exhibits the feel of authentic Rajasthan and also presents delightful choices in colourful puppets.

    Last but not the least, the Bhatia Bazaar, has exclusive collection of mirror work garments and other handicrafts that portray skilled craftsmanship.

  • Exploring the sand dunes too...

    As a part of your Rajasthan Shopping Tour of Jaisalmer, we also provide you with the opportunity of meandering across the sands of time and the Thar while exploring the various marvels of the Rajputs. You can start by getting devoured by the majestic Golden Fort or Fort of Jaisalmer.

    Explore the unique Indian Haveli Architecture and delve into the lives of the Maharajas and Maharanis at the Patwa ki Haveli. For some more intricate opulence, there is the Mandir Palace of Jaisalmer. Finally, who would not like a ravishing sunset amidst the Thar, perching below the ornate cenotaphs at the Vyas Chattri.

    Without further delay book your this package of Rajasthan Shopping Tour , and be sure to experience much more than just cacophonous markets.

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