About us

About Complete Rajasthan

Garhwal Himalayan Expedition, the parent company of Complete Rajasthan is known for its expertise in operating package tours all over India and abroad. With its humble beginnings in the year 1998, Garhwal Himalayan Expedition has developed a niche in the travel and tourism industry for operating package tours in India and abroad. Known for its personalized and customized services, Garhwal has catered to numerous people all over the world for their travel needs. Garhwal’s motto “Every traveler is unique” emphasizes on the need to customize travel solutions as per the traveler and personalize travel itineraries based on what the client wants. To achieve its goal, Garhwal has been on a mission ever since its inception to tweak the packages as per the traveler to the minutest level and offer every traveler the perfect holiday he deserves.

CompleteRajasthan was conceptualized under Garhwal’s direction to operate tailor-made tours to serve clients looking for True Rajasthani Experience. It focuses on delivering not only a Rajasthan tour but the essence and spirit of Rajasthan to its travelers. CompleteRajasthan seeks for its travelers the rich heritage and historic experience of Rajasthan, the delectable cuisines of Rajasthan, the absolutely mesmerizing monuments and forts of Rajasthan, the traditional songs and dances of Rajasthan and the heavenly landscapes of the royal state of Rajasthan.

Why  Complete Rajasthan

Flexible and Independent Tours

CompleteRajasthan believes that free and easy tours can make one experience the true legacy of a place. That’s why we opt for a very flexible approach when designing the itinerary. We design the package “with” the client and “not for” the client. For us our clients’ inputs are equally valuable and important as our expertise.


Owing to its wide network in the state of Rajasthan, CompleteRajasthan is the most cost effective travel service provider for Rajasthan. We aim to deliver quality services and ensure that the package covers all that the client wants. With no hidden costs and the best price CompleteRajasthan delivers what it promises in the best price.


With an experience of over 20 years in the travel industry, CompleteRajasthan rightly understands that it is of prime importance that the traveler experiences the best quality in terms of the services offered to him. We strongly believe that every person’s holidays are an integral part of his memories and we make sure that his memories are awesome.

Seamless Travel

By offering a holistic travel package, CompleteRajasthan makes sure that the traveler does not face any difficulty while traveling. Including airfares, surface transfers, train tickets, water transport, hotels, guides, permits, VISA, taxes, entry fees to various places to visit, in the package, CompleteRajasthan makes sure that the travelers’ work is minimized and his pleasure and comfort are maximized.


The directors at CompleteRajasthan profoundly feel that it is very imperative on the part of any travel agent to acquaint the client with the details of the destination. For this purpose, we give dedicated “Tour Guides” to all our clients in order that they do not miss on anything while traveling.


We genuinely believe that every traveler needs to be in constant touch with our Travel Counselor while traveling so that even the minutest problem gets resolved. Therefore CompleteRajasthan offers 24*7 on call Tour Helpline to all its travelers.

Quick, Easy and Flexible

When it comes to offering payment modes to its clients, CompleteRajasthan gives a wide range of payment options to its clients. A client can make bank transfers, payment gateways, credit cards, paytm, cash among others. Not only this, we are very flexible when it comes to accepting payments from clients. We believe that the client has the right to experience the services first and pay afterwards. So we offer an option of partial payment before the tour starts and the rest in installments there on as per the client.

In a nutshell, CompleteRajasthan is a perfect resort for anyone seeking a true journey to the eternal land of Rajas and Maharajas- Rajasthan!