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Travel to a land that dwells exotica in its air to get a complete transformation of the trinity that is the mind, body and soul. Garhwal Himalayan Expedition lets you scour the land home to the royal Bengal tiger while heeling your inner self. Travellers seeking any kind of medical, dental or surgical care can get treated by state of the world institutions and personnel and at the same time tour the vivid cultures of the country.

Garhwal provides you a personalised trip incorporating everything from treatment to recovery and enables you to explore the richly varied heritage of India hassle free. India known to be a land of hermits and their quaint techniques is often appreciated for its chaste connection with nature. A place filled with mystics that consecrate Prakriti (Nature) bears home to the origin of natural sciences that heal and integrate the body through alternative medicine techniques for a comprehensive approach to wellness. Ayurveda which is the traditional system of medicine of India offers a holistic wellness of the mind, body and soul making use of natural herbs. Fairly new to the world, this particular form of treatment has existed in India for centuries and is quite applauded.

The Vedas that are the earliest Hindu sacred writings also prescribe a philosophy of Yoga that aims to attain liberation of the soul through physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation etc for emotional and physical well-being. In addition Acupuncture and Acupressure are techniques to relieve pain through needles inserted in the body and applying pressure on certain discrete points of the body, has been a great form of curing disease and is known to have therapeutic effects. Garhwal Himalayan Expedition offers you to experience them at affordable prices for a healthier you. With tie ups to places and centres that promote healthy living across the country, Garhwal Himalayan Expedition brings a list of certain customised routines for travellers to witness authentic relaxation techniques. Regimes such as Shudhikaran or Detoxification of the body include a full diagnosis of the body type with a prescribed course of cure to be followed. Help of Naturopathy that is essentially used to heal the body with the use of natural agents like air, wind, water and herbs by avoiding the use of surgery and drugs with physical manipulation of the tissues has also proven to be quite beneficial. Located at picturesque regions rejuvenation centres provides a complete relaxation of the body with the help of exotic oil massages in the himalayan waters, detox therapy that primarily uses power of far infra Ray to stimulate the fat metabolism and serve as detoxification and rejuvenation of the body.

There are weight management programmes as well that help addresses the physical and emotional challenges associated with weight loss. These programmes give you a full assessment of your current fitness levels, your current percentage body fat and target weight range along with an exercise programme plan. This unique programme is designed to maximize fat burning and to complement your home routine. These fitness sites aim for complete wellness incorporating people from all walks of life. Personalised for leisure of single women, mother-daughters or couples there are programmes that can be opted by just about anyone. So pack your bags for an incredible experience of the country of peacocks and panaceas.

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