Rajasthan Village Tour

Peregrine Villages in the Desert Land

Welcome to the land of sand, scorching sun, deciphered culture, rich heritage traditions, aromatic cuisine and thrilling places for you to be concealed in this Jewelled crown Rajasthan Village Tour. Unwinding your cheerful experience into the real Rajasthan which lies within the small towns and communities here in the rustic charms for capturing the camouflaged collections of a wonderful Royal tour.

Let’s begin the Rajasthan Village Tour in Indian style uncovering the hamlets charm from the south Rajasthan welcomed by the most hospitable humans creating a lifelong memory with a filled up camera roll, the freshness and organic life of an everyday rural time delighting your other side from the roar of the city hub with affectionate care and love unlimitedly progressing to serve all the tourist with lots of information in keeping the richness of the sand.

Bijapur Village:

Having been a tiny private place in the foothills of Vindhyanchal this particular village has reigned with many rich dynasties in past is simply a lonely village with the best rural experience geared up in the Rajasthan Village Tour.

Castle Bijapur is the spotlight here built in 16th century by Rao Vijay Singh the village ruling family resides here. The peaceful castle is a pleasant surprise for the rich articrafts antique history and in the natures bliss close to the Pangarh Fort lying near the Lotus Lake. The Fort is a 1000-year-old standing strong.

You can also get into a sportive mood of Horse Riding, trek the hills, go bird watching or practice yoga in the dawn creating dreams fulfilling a carefree walk with the villagers.

Chandelao Village:

Next place in the Rajasthan Village Tour moving towards Jodhpur is the perfect village to sit back and relax after a hectic schedule. ChandelaoGarh is an inherited home of Marwars run by Praduman Singh. "The Garh" indeed feels like a Home taken care of the kindest lot. You can visit the Sunder Rang Craft center close by who contribute to the community largely with their pottery making and many handicrafts.

Explore the nearby town Pipar famous for the Bazaars for a quick shopping delighting an experiment with mehendi designs on hands.

Bishnoi Village:

This old-fashioned pretty small village is close to Jodhpur inherited by the Bishnoi tribe who conserve our environment diligently making a progress in Information technology and Defence with their contribution. Take a camel ride to the village experience in the Rajasthan Village Tour sighting the greenery terrain in the distant desert.

The clean small mud huts thatched roofs keeping you relaxed and inspecting the wildlife in the homestay and enjoying milking cows and creating pots is a paradise cherished.

Khimsar Village :

Traveling forward in this village is constructed by Prince RaoKaramasji in 1523. The village is built in a form of heritage hotel and luxurious stay in the Palace with vibrant architectures and fine usable of décor. This small village is located in the setup of desert sit on the highway from Jodhpur to Bikaner.

The Arabian night’s tale of golden sands tranquil in the midst of the desert with a ray of mirage in the Khimsar dunes of the Great Thar added in your bucket listed destination in the Rajasthan Village Tour.

Khuri Village :

Traversing the expedition of Rajasthan Village Tour moving close towards Jaisalmer is this popular village like the Sam Sand Dunes there. Camel Safari local hut folk music and Desert Safari with a wise chat amongst the colloquial people cherish your memorial diary offering the adventure and fun in the stay. The Desert National Park is just a yard away from your encounter.

The village boasts the best traditional homestays resorts with all facilities and a lovely option of gazing at the counting stars in the camps.

Kuchaman Village:

So very near from Khuri, we shall head towards the next village in the Nagaur district. This place has its own beauty of the Naguar festival of the women’s belief. The Rajasthan Village Tour shows you the ideal setup of the Shekhawati Style Architecture taking inspirations of Hindu mythology with gifted craftsmen in their amusing paintings in the big Havelis. You can take visit the Lokdev Temple and Meera Mahal built by Ranjit Singh dedicating to poet Meerabai a devotee of Lord Krishna. This village has other prominent places like Meena Bazaar SunheriBurj, JalMahal, and Sheesh Mahal.

Take a walk in the village knowing more from our tour guide.

Samode Village :

Coming closer to Jaipur lies the small magnificent one in the tour known for its Shekhawati Traditions Forts and Haveli in a provincial life. Exploring this contemporary settlement in the Rajasthan Village Tour a finely structure gifted by Prithviraj Singh Ji to his son Gopal Singh Ji.

The Samode Palace has exclusive durbars marvelous strokes of mural paint in the Haveli. You cannot forget the musical charm of this spot with the folk songs colorful show mesmerizing your mind

Take a tour here to enjoy the Royal Vintage.

Mandawa Village :

The last village covered traveling the north of the state lies in the heart of the Shekhawati Region. It is believed in the 18th century rich merchants built the beautiful palace because of migrations. In spite of many reformations, the haveli cast never lost its past charms.

The Castle Mandawa is a must visit Heritage Hotel superiorly named it after everything present here. Lush green courtyards visited by the peacocks a marble fountain and room with mural painting keeps your dazzling view in your eyes.

Apart from this Castle other gateways are the Chowkhani Haveli, Ladia Haveli and Saraf Haveli carrying the same feel but with less impact than Mandawa.

Walk through the castle appreciating the portraiture of the colorful walls of the castle.

The Rajasthan Village Tour takes you to the true sense of unruly experience in the simple way of life by the commoners. Stop over speak eat rest and live a life like regular peace seeker achiever here. Come to visit the Rajasthani towns with untouched and genuine memory carried home.

Feel Like Home.

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