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It is positioned in the southerly zone of Rajasthan. Famous for numerous names like Chittaur, Chitrakut, and Land of Braves, from the seventh century to the sixteenth, was the subsidizing of Mewar under the Rajputs. The start of Chittorgarh could be mapped to the seventh century. In each outing touring plan to this part of India, a visit here ideal here is one of the most asked option. The factor for this is the rich foundation and also social legacy of the city that is enclosed with parts of Rajputs valor, fulfilment and additionally enthusiasm.

The historical backdrop of this town is composed in blood and forfeit. Alaudding Khilji laid attack plans of this fortress to encapsulate the delightful Padmini, rani of Chittorgarh. At that point, Bhim Singh, the leader of Chittorgarh, drove his men wore with saffron robes of forfeit, and faced unavoidable death. Inside the fortress, ladies, consisting of Padmini and the youngsters, conferred mass suicide or "jauhar" by sacrificing themselves on a gigantic fire, as opposed to losing their respect to the foe.

It is amid the significant locations in Rajasthan that witnesses significant footfall from all sections of the world. One could discover women worn conventional Ghagra-choli ethnically accented with magnificent silver items of jewellery. The populace of Chittorgarh consists of individuals of all religious beliefs such as Hinduism, Christianity, Sikhism, and even Islam natives get along as well as prolong heartfelt hospitality.

It is a utopia for indulgent shoppers. Impeccable handmade items, fabric materials, and also metallic ware are a few of the antiques. Camel natural leather shoes, spectacular Thewa jewellery (distinct gold layouts imbedded in glass), and also Akola textiles are a couple of the apparent takeaways to be incorporated in every wishlist. Try not to forget to get some wood painted playthings from Bassi town. These playthings could be utilized as presents and also mementos.

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Getting there

Air : The nearest airport is Jodhpur

Rail : Chittorgarh is connected with Jodhpur by night train service.

Road : Well connected by road with all the major cities of India. Direct bus services to Udaipur, Mount Abu, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Bhuj Bikaner, Barmer, Ajmer and Jaipur.

Travel Information –Chittorgarh

Area : 41.76 km2

Temperature Details : Summers: April to June 32°C to 46°C

Best Time to visit : October-March

Summers: April to July 23 ° C - 43° C.

Monsoon : July to Sep 20 ° C - 35 ° C.

Winters : Oct to March 5 ° C - 30 ° C.

Chittorgarh Tourist Attractions .

Rani Padmavati’s Palace

This royal residence plays a vital part in Rajputana antiquity. The framework is constructed on the shores of a lotus pond and also has a structure that offers security for the royal family’s ladies. Alauddin Khilji, at that time ruler of Delhi, discovered Rani Padmini's shadow in the pond furthermore was so stupefied by her charm that he led his soldiers in fight to kidnap her. His efforts to have her not only resulted in the demise of the Queen's life partner but also made her perform Jauhar. Today, the widely recognized Padmini Fortress stands as an encouraging icon of honour along with disaster of ancient history of Chittor.

Chittorgarh Fort

This is among the most utmost fortress, whose wall surfaces shout of breath-taking self-immolation and furthermore courage of the Rajput men. It is situated on the Berach river. The awe-inspiring fortification is created on a massive area of around 700 acres of land on a slope. It is a UNESCO world legacy site built by among one of the Pandava’s, Bhim of Mahabharata. In history manuals, it is imagined that the fortress worked as the working capital of Mewar for approximately 8 centuries. Nonetheless, misfortune occurred when Ruler Akbar robbed and damaged the fortress in the 15th century. It was amid this invasion, when the Jauhar tradition got into the spotlight.

Gaumukh Reservoir

It is a deep storage tank that is nourished by a spring. This natural flow of water arises from a rock development which being similar to a Gaumukh or 'cow's mouth'. The storage tank is thought as spiritual by the residents.

Archaeological Museum

This gallery was initially a fortress, developed by King Fateh Singh over the 19th century. In the year 1968, it was changed right into a gallery by the state government. It is residence to such precious artefacts that are of tremendous historic relevance. This gallery flaunts of an incredible collection of countless historic artefacts, items associated with Hinduism in addition to Buddhism that were discovered through excavation time. The collection at Archaeological Museum in Chittorgarh consists of Stone Age things, craft materials, coins, frescos, metal items, portraits, engravings, tools, sculptures along with terracotta frames and so on.

Fated Prakash Palace

Developed by Raja Fateh Singh, this royal residence operated as his household. It was as per the Rajput fashion style statement showcasing his preference for art and society. The palace has a huge collection of timber crafts of Bassi town, post ancient sculptures of Jain Ambica and also Indra from Rashmi town, tools such as axes, blades and historic armours, clay imitations of local tribal individuals dressed in their conventional outfits, piece of arts, along with crystal ware. It has currently been exchanged a gallery.

Meerabai Temple

Meera, an ardent follower of Lord Krishna's, prayed to him at this holy place. The framework is created in the traditional North Indian design of shrines. It ascends from an elevated plinth and its cone-shaped roof covering could be seen from faraway. The temple houses a spectacular temple bordered by an open patio with 4 little structures in 4 edges.


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