Shekhawati Tour

To the frescos of Shekhawati....

Rajasthan is blessed with much more than just the flamboyance of its palaces, which even though are an integral part of the heritage are not the only pieces of history that have survived the battle of time. One such hidden treasure of this state wrapped in golden opulence, is the Shekhawati Region adorned in its vibrant and intricate paintings. Therefore let us guide you through an artistic Shekhawati Tour, to unravel the tales of the kumhars (potters) and the jeras (masons) , as history puts it, the first founders of what we today acclaim as the Shekhawati Paintings.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Drive to the district of Jhunjhunu (3 hours 30 mins drive from Jaipur)

    Be cordially welcomed by our representative at the Jaipur Airport to experience a ride to the most versatile district of your Shekhawati Tour- Jhunjhunu. Trace yours eyes across numerous colourfully painted edifices that will run parallel to your journey till you arrive at your destined hotel. Complete your hotel formalities and enjoy a lavish lunch.

    Post lunch, visit an exquisite piece of architecture called the Khetri Palace. Made in marble, the structure presents the stalwartness of a fort than the pleasures of a palace. Because of its history of gallant warriors, there are a number of havelis that will provide the perfect evade into the lives of these proud heroes of the past. Night stay at the hotel destined.

  • Day : 2 Exploring different facets of the district

    Nawalgarh is the finest town to appreciate the authentic Shekhawati Paintings. It complies with all the legends of history that describe the merchant's houses being decked up in baroque frescoes. It brings alive the 19th century Marwari Households right in front of your bear eyes.

    A drive of an hour from Jhunjhunu, this town will truly embellish your second day of the Shekhawati Tour in true Shekhawati paint. Stay the night in Jhunjhunu.

  • Day : 3 Yet another painted town called Mandawa (1 hour drive from Jhunjhunu)

    Welcome to the town referred to as the Open Art Gallery of Rajasthan! Wherever your eyes may a stray, it will be graciously presented with glorious paintings. Each of the paintings in every structure have an underlying or a rather evident theme.

    Visit the Mandawa Fort to witness painted archways depicting Lord Krishna and interior decor, that straight away remind you of the Rajputs. The Goenka Double Haveli, next up, has every nook and corner proudly displaying some asset of embellished Rajasthani Art. There are numerous other havelis out of which the Murmuria Haveli, Jhunjhumwala Haveli and the Binsidhar Newatia Haveli have a golden edge with tourists due to their unique representations of Shekhawati Art. Enjoy a serene night stay at Mandawa, to bring an end to the eventful day of your Shekhawati Tour.

  • Day : 4 How can we forget Fatehpur..! (1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Mandawa)

    On hearing this name, we generally associate it with red sandstone buildings build by the glorious Delhi Sultanate but there is yet another Fatehpur in your Shekhawati Tour too that has its own innate sense of surprises in store for its visitors.

    After, viewing a lot of traditional themes wouldn't one enjoy some French amalgamation. That is what is visible in the Nadine Le Prince Haveli, along with completely undisturbed formats of Indian Art as well. The Dwarkadheesh Temple, presents yet another plethora of Shekhawati Frescoes, thus labelling it as the Open Air Art Gallery of the town. Visit the Jagannath Singhania Haveli, for its marvellous Radha-Krishna themed paintings. Drive back to Mandawa for overnight stay.

  • Day : 5 Final Call

    It's time to bid adieu to the 19th century Marawri Tales of your glorious 4 nights Shekhawati Tour to be driven by our representative to the Jaipur Airport.