Reign of Rajsamand

The rocky terrain of Rajsamand is a refreshing mirage of an artificial lake and a majestic mansion fortified into a building with an encircling masonry wall footed on a hill top with reinforcements that stand against the passage of time. Named aptly after the artificial lake, the city, located in southern Rajasthan is about 82 kms from Udaipur that forms its southern border. With the Aravallis lying on the Northwestern border, the Ajmer district is on the North with Bhilwara lying east and Chittorgarh on its southeast end. The city is flooded by the Banas river. Being one of the largest manufacturers of marble, Rajasmand has a foison of industries to process the opulence of ores of minerals found in the place. An authentic city that bears the revelry of Rajasthan is tha Rajsamand.

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Getting there

Air : The nearest airport is the Maharana Pratap Airport in Udaipur.

Rail : The city has a railway station at Kankroli which has connections to all major stations of cities throughout the country.

Road : The National Highway 8, Delhi-Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway passes through the district making it well linked by road.


Summers: Mid March - June (27 C to 44 C)

Monsoon : July - September (Moderately cool with some humidity)

Winters : October - March ( 5 C to 30 C) Best time for a visit - The winter season would be perfect for a pleasurable visit.

Tourist Places .

Rajsamand Lake

Built on the Gomati river, the Rajsamund lake also called the Rajsamudra Lake was an artificial lake built by Rana Raj Singh of the great Mewar in the 17th century. The city forming after the lake, gained its name from the magical moana which has a catchment area rich in marbles that are mined heavily. The lake was primarily constructed by a huge dam with intricate marble stonework and step work that lead to the levels of water. Known for the famous event of Tuladan by Maharaja Raj Singh where the king used to weight themselves with gold and distribute it among the commoners, this place has a total of five toranas(weighing arches). With glorious views of the sun dispersing in glistening waters of the lake, this place served as a seaplane base for the Imperial Airways during the World War II.

Kumbalgarh Fort

Set atop the westerly hill of Aravalli’s, this 15th century Mewar fortress was constructed by Rana Kumbha as a safe house during times of attack. Adorned with great Mewar architecture, this fort is built with strong reinforcements and a wall that is the second largest after the Great Wall of China. Furnished with strong safety arms of the day, it was preferentially second in line after the fort of Chittorgarh in both grandeur and administrable importance. A world heritage site, the fort is now opened for tourists and embellished in sparkling lights during evenings.

Shrinathji Temble

A famous pilgrimage site for Hindus is the Shrinathji temple in Nathdwara. Shrinathji is a form of Lord Krishna when he lifted the Govardhan hill with a single arm according to lore. The decor of the temple is more like a dwelling of Shrinathji or Shrinathji ki Haveli as the locals call it. The worship however is also not quite temple like but more in belief of heartfelt service to the impersonal God.

Haldighati Maharana Pratap Museum

A museum built in honor of Maharana Pratap is in Nathdwara and has amazing artifacts of the great Mewar rulers. Having 5 sections, the museum takes you back to the awe inspiring historic battle of RaktTalai. A site that takes you back to the ancient kingdom of Rajput royalty this place is definitely not to be missed.


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