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It is a hill station which gives a feel of fresh air in the dry desert of Rajasthan. The only hillside location in Rajasthan, it lies 1,722 metres over sea level and is positioned in the middle of the lavish environment-friendly hillsides on the highest possible spot of the Aravalli’s hills. Refer to it as a terrific holiday getaway escapade, or a honeymoon spot. Hotels varying from the heritage ones to the 3-star hotels as well as cost-effective lodgings are present in plentiful numbers.

Mount Abu is considered as recreation spot for ruling royal family members in the past when the Maharajas ruled. A striking attribute regarding Mount Abu is opulent residences, which are a mix of British design cottages and also vacation lodges of the royals, sharing area with the rustic dwellings of numerous tribal localities living in the timberlands.

Owning exceptional picturesque appeal, this enchanting hillside is residence to lakes, falls and eco-friendly woodlands. You could additionally take pleasure in blooming florals and trees that are aboriginal to this area. Mount Abu furthermore houses a nature preserve where you could locate wild animals such as langur, sambar, swine and leopards. Mount Abu is the home of several spiritual monoliths, Dilwara holy place, Brahma Kumari Ashram, as well as the temples of Jainism. This hillside station is not just a tranquil and beauty-laden holiday retreat yet also an excellent location for a spiritual expedition.

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Getting there

Air : The nearest airport is Udaipur

Rail : Well connected with New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai

Road : Mount Abu is connected to Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Delhi

Travel Information – MountAbu

Area : Forms a distinct rocky plateau 22 km long and 9 km wide

Temperature Details : Summers: April to June 32°C to 46°C

Best Time to visit :September - February

Summers: April to June23°C - 33°C

Monsoon : July to September17°C - 24°C

Winters : October to March8°C - 22°C

Pushkar Tourist Attractions .

Puskar Lake

As per Hindu religious books, this divine lake is identified as 'Tirtha Raj', the ruler of all holy journey places. Any spiritual expedition is incomplete without taking a dip in this divine lake. Semi-circular fit and pertaining to 7-10 metres deep, the Lake has 52 showering ghats and more than 400 holy places which is genuinely a splendid view to witness

Pap Mochini Temple

It is a blissful holy place which is sanctified by the divinity Ekadashi Mata. Visiting this place offers relief to enthusiasts as a result of their wrongdoings. Set in the northerly region of Pushkar, the place is having a remarkable divine pertinence alongside displaying a radiant framework, the Pap Mochini holy place is amongst the highly blessed holy places of Rajasthan.

Brahma Temple

It is also described as Jagatpita Brahma Mandir. It lies near Pushkar Lake. It is the only Brahma shrine in the nation and also is counted as being one of the most effective locations to check out in Pushkar. The holy place was created in the fourteenth century. Built from marble and rock, the marvelous red epitome is the highpoint of the framework. The bird theme of the spiritual framework provides it an identification. Inside the holy place, pictures of Brahma embellish the sanctum. A marble sculpture of the God Surya additionally protects at the divine location. Remarkably, while all the gods are revealed bare footed, Surya is showcased placing on old warrior's boots.

Man Mahal

It comes under the classification of finest royal residences of Pushkar. This spectacular manor was developed by king Man Singh of Amber. It rests quite on the eastern side of Sarovar. The imperial property exhibits the originality of Rajasthani framework. It has actually currently been transformed right into a tourism heritage resort and is run via RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation). It allows vacationers to appreciate the magnetism of the regal palace in addition to the breath-taking view of the ponds as well as shrines.

Atmateshwar Temple

It is an exquisite 12th century shrine devoted to God Shiva and has a below ground segment. The complex Hemadpanti architectural design carvings offer this holy place an amazing look. Great numbers of followers group visit this holy place to pay their respects throughout the propitious time of Shivaratri, when God Shiva is ritually valued.

Rangji Temple

It is amongst the old holy places out of the 400 shrines present in Pushkar city. This holy place is committed to God Rangji. This shrine offers a convergence of numerous societies in its framework which is an impact of the Rajputana framework style, South Indian outlines, and Mughal design patterns.


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