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Famously known as the 'Eastern Gate of Rajasthan', Bharatpur is positioned in the Braj location of state Rajasthan and situated at a distance of approximately 184 kms from Jaipur. It was founded in 1733 AD by Maharaja Suraj Mal.The city is blown out by its way of living, commitment and also love woven right into folk tracks as well as stories could be overheard even from far away. It is a mysterious tourist spot that offers vacationers get an insight into genuine Rajasthani customs and spiritual occasions. Also known with the name Lohagarh, it is a segment of the great golden tourist triangular of Delhi, Jaipur as well as Agra, this location draws in a substantial variety of global traveller constantly. It is furthermore the residence of Keoladeo National Park, which is a house for greater than 370 sorts of creatures as well as birds. It is regarded as a standout amid one of the most common ground for birds feeding and also reproducing tasks. In 1982, this renowned birdpark turned into a National Park and was signed up under the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1985.

The historic background of Bharatpur returns to 5th century BC when the Matsya empire prospered right here. The Matsya were companions of the Pandavas in the Mahabharata battle. Legends claim that the start of the name Bharatpur is adopted from Bharat, younger sibling of Lord Ram. Laxman, another brother or sister was presented one of the most soaring spots as that of the family members divinity of the governing family of Bharatpur. His name furthermore appears in the state seals as well as symbol.

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Getting there

Air : Nearest Airport is Delhi.

Rail : Bikaner is connected by rail with Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Agra

Road : Bharatpur to Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura and Agra.

Travel Information - Bharatpur

Area : 5066 km2

Temperature Details : Summers: April to June 32°C to 46°C

Best Time to visit : October-March

Summers: April to June 30 ° C - 40° C.

Monsoon : July to Sep 25 ° C - 35 ° C.

Winters : Oct to March 5 ° C - 12 ° C.

Bharatpur Tourist Attractions. .

Bharatpur Palace And Museum

Situated inside the premises of the Bharatpur palace is Kamra Khas a historical center that contains countless more than 581 stone figures, 861 antique statues that delineate the fine art and culture of Bharatpur. The royal residence itself was developed in stages by different kings and is a fine combination of Mughal and Rajput engineering. The different rooms in the royal residence have an assortment of lavishly designed floor tiles beautified with stunning designs.

Ganga Mandir

The ganga mandir which dwells in the core of the city of Bharatpur is a standout amongst the most delightful temples of Rajasthan. Here lies the sublime divinity of Ganga Maharaj made of flawless white marble. King Balwant Singh began building this holy place in the mid-nineteenth century. Notwithstanding he had an extremely one of a kind demand that required all the well-to-do residents of the city to give one month’s salary to help towards the creation of the temple.

Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Consistently every year, a great amount of transient waterfowl birds, for example, green sandpiper and cranes visit gardens amid winter. It was made in mid eighteenth century as a little artificial lake found 5 kilometres toward the southeast of Bharatpur. The development of the Ajan Bund (dam) and the consequent flooding of this characteristic melancholy prompted one of the world's most interesting and tremendous bird reserves. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park is thought to be one of the wealthiest feathered bird territories on the planet today.

Lohagarh Fort

Real to its name, Lohagarh Fort has actually stood up to numerous invasions by the British, nevertheless was eventually seized by Arthur Wellesley. Where Lohagarh Fort varies from others is that it is not flamboyant yet emits a mood of sturdy durability. The fortress is bordered by a moat which utilized to be full of water to maintain opponents out. Intriguing masterpieces inside the fortification are Kothi Khas, Mahal Khas, Moti Mahal and also Kishori Mahal. Maharaja Suraj Mal constructed Jawahar Bhurj along with Fateh Bhurj to memorialize triumphs over the Mughals as well as the British.


It is an attractive yard community positioned north of Bharatpur. It has numerous ornamented royal residences that contribute to the appeal of the location. Recognized for its fortress, royal residences, yards and also water fountains, the spotlight of Deeg is a remarkable fortification bordered by moats together with entrances. It was constructed by Raja Suraj Mal and towers above a moderately heightened point. Although the inner parts are practically in damages, the watch tower comprising of a weapon still manages to supervise the city.

Band Baretha

It is an old wildlife sanctuary of the monarchs of Bharatpur, presently under the management of the Forest Department. The development of the dam on Kakund River was begun by King Jaswant Singh in 1866 AD and finished by King Ram Singh in 1897 AD. The mansion inside the reserve was constructed by King Kishan Singh and is now exclusive property of the royal family members of Bharatpur. Band Baretha is a bird spectator's heaven due to over 200 varieties of birds, consisting of the evasive Black Bittern.


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