Marwar Festival In Jodhpur

A festival for heroes @ Jodhpur...

All festivities have an underlying meaning for their celebration and this Rajasthan Tour Package, brings to you a festival celebrated for the heroes of Rajasthan that have marked an indelible spot in the proud pages of history. Celebrated in the Marwar District of Jodhpur, this fiesta will give you an insight into the lives of the heroes of the golden ages of Rajasthan.

The beginning to a grand celebration...

The ecstasy in Blue, Jodhpur, has various tourist spots that strike the attention of anyone visiting the city but it is also known for hosting one of the most unique and gaudy fetes of Rajasthan at Marwar. Known as the Marwar Festival, it is held annually in the month of September or October and is a Two Day Affair. These two days bring about the amalgamation of tourists from various parts of the world with the local crowd, in reverence of the valour of the by-gone heroes.

The festivities and much more...

The grand festival, through merriment and frolic, pass on important facets of information about these heroes, some of whom are not very much remembered but their deeds deserve a minute of appreciation.

Along with the main theme, the fiesta also provides a deep insight into the lives of the Rural Rajasthanis, by painting a very clear picture to them via this celebration. Other cultural events also form an inevitable part of this and are often held at historically significant structures like the Umaid Bhavan Palace or the Mehrangarh Fort. The different folk dance forms accompanied with folk music truly binds an ambiance of cheerfulness brewed with the tales of the past ages.

Thus, it is the perfect time to plan your Rajasthan Tour Package and experience its true feel in an avatar that in unimaginable.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Reaching Jodhpur (6 hours drive from Jaipur)

    Be cordially welcomed by our representative at Jaipur and enjoy a ravishing ride across the dunes to begin your Rajasthan Tour Package. You may enjoy a sumptuous lunch on the way. On reaching, complete your hotel formalities and if time permits take a glance of the night celebrations at the Marwar Festival.

  • Day : 2 The festival and the city

    Enjoy a full day at Marwar, experiencing the extravaganza dedicated to the valour of the gallant heroes. Amidst the joyous merriment, set out to explore the majestic Mehrangarh Fort and the architectural palace marvel called Umaid Bhavan Palace. Do not forget to take a glance at the white beauty called the Jaswanth Thada. Spend the rest of the day at the fiesta gaining more insights as well as having a swell time. Night stay at the hotel.

  • Day : 3 Returning to the start

    Be driven back to Jaipur with a feather of festivity on your tour cap thus ending this Rajasthan Tour Package.

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