Heritage on Wheels

One can experience the romance and seduction of Complete Rajasthan with this luxury tour on wheels, how better can one experience the Rajputana Magnificence than by traveling the train specially made for the travel of kings and queens. This Rajasthani Package offers exactly this priceless experience of the land of the Rajputana Opulence.

Spanning over a period of 4 Days and 4 Nights this luxurious fascination offers exactly the right amount of luxury desired for our special travelers visiting the land of the Maharajas. The tour starts the Pink City of Jaipur, covers the golden sands of Bikaner, making way for Tal Chhapar and Shekhawati and then dims its bright lights back in Jaipur offering that perfect princely concoction for you.

This is one of the most popular tours offered by Rajasthan Tourism. As it is not a commercial route, it provides that perfect experience that is not offered by any other tour. The Heritage on Wheels concoction offers that perfect seduction of the Thar Dessert, dunes and fields mixed with the intoxication offered by Rural Rajasthan with women on carrying their water on terracotta pots and men sitting in groups with colorful head gears puffing biris, watching over their children flying kites that will leave you relaxed and wanting for more.

Given below is a trailer of this perfect experience, crafted to give that perfect experience of a lifetime:

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Jaipur – Bikaner : 335 kms

    With a royal welcome to its guests, the Heritage on Wheels Tour begins its time in Jaipur along with a tour of the luxury train and lip smacking royal dinner while on route to Bikaner in an overnight journey. The guests are truly treated like the Maharajas were with separate saloons and compartments and dining areas.

  • Day : 2 Bikaner – Tal Chhapar : 133 kms

    We open our eyes surrounded by the richness offered by Bikaner. After a soul filling breakfast on wheels, we head out to experience the scintillating Jain Temples and Havelis famous all over the world. If this was not exciting enough, the day is topped with a camel safari and lunch on board. We head out for tea at the wonderful Lalgarh Palace. Dinner is served on way to Gajner and the day ends with bidding goodbye to Bikaner and heading towards Padihara.

  • Day : 3 Tal Chhapar – Jaipur : 247 kms

    Famous all over the world for its blackbucks, Tal Chappar is a must visit for perfectly experiencing the heritage offered in the Shekhawati Region of the state. Followed by a visit to Ramgarh, exploring ourselves through the streets of Mehnsar, lunching at Mandawa Palace and Havelis is what we have in store for today. The day ends royally with sightseeing in Nawalgarh, dinner at Dundlod Palace followed by a Horse Show. We head back to Jaipur on board.

  • Day : 4 Jaipur

    After a comfortable sleep on the royal mattresses of the train, we reach Jaipur early in the morning after breakfast to bring a royal end to our journey and get ready to use our story telling skills for explaining that perfect royal experience.

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