Golden Triangle Tour with Neemrana Udaipur

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. True were the words of poets who brought out the awe hidden in regally adorned halls of kings and queens. Incredible India that bears home to countless monarchs has a lot to offer particularly in the forts and walls of Neemrana and Udaipur. This grandeur is quite nicely visible in the Rajasthan Tour Package planned exclusively to leave you speechless. Covering the entire region of Delhi Agra Jaipur, the Rajasthan Tour Package lets one envisage royalty at its best.

  • Day : 1 Arrival Delhi

    A pick up from the Delhi airport by our representative to drop you off at a prebooked hotel to commence this Delhi Agra Jaipur tour.

  • Day : 2 Delhi

    Commencing the journey after a sumptuous breakfast to tour the capital city starting with a visit to the equinoctial sundial built by Maharaja Jai Singh II called the Jantar Mantar. Built only 5 in number across the country the famous monument measures the time of the day through the declination of the sun. Next, move on to soak the tranquility amidst the air of the Masjid-i Jahn-Num or the Jama Masjid, a grand mosque offering refuge to hundreds. Visit the great Red Fort built in red sandstone and stroll through the various museums within to understand the Mughal era. Drive around the India Gate to commemorate Indian soldiers who died trying to keep the Indian flag flying forever. Glance at the ever lit cenotaph, Amar Jawan Jyoti under the India Gate. Visit Raj Ghat, the cremation ground of Mahatma Gandhi and drive around the markets of Chandini Chowk for a hearty lunch. Proceed to visit a well built fort in the reign of Mughal emperor Humayun. The Humayun’s toumb is a well built monument covering an area of 27.04 hectares of land with one central fort centered in the middle surrounded by lush green gardens and small fortins on either sides making it one of the most visited historical sites of the capital. Drive around the markets of central Delhi to shop for the amazing artifacts from all over the country. Take the metro to see the famous Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple known for its lively exhibitions. The water show presented in its complex is a fine spectacle of a dance of water on various color hued lights enacted to narrate Indian tales of mysticism and magic. Stay the night in your hotel.

  • Day : 3 Delhi-Agra

    Brace yourself for a ride to the amazing Taj Mahal visiting the streets of Sikandra on the way. See the Akbar’s tomb and reach the city of Agra by lunch. Marvel at the Akbar Fort after checking into the hotel and get clicked in front of the white marble beauty i.e. the Taj Mahal built by emperor ShahJahan. The sun setting over this wonder is definitely a sight for sour eyes. Spend the evening exploring the streets of the city for a rewarding experience.

  • Day : 4 Agra-Neemrana

    Travel to the great Neemrana Fort en route to the heritage city of Jaipur. The Neemrana Fort Palace happens to be a one of its kind heritage hotel in the entire Delhi Agra Jaipur belt making it a must visit. Constructed in an area covering 2.5 hectares of land over a hill with 9 palace wings this beautiful resort is a perfect exemplar of Indian royalty with authentic food and hospitality. Spend the day at this fine establishment getting exotic Ayurvedic Spa Sessions or lazing around poolside. Set about a 10 minute walk away from the foot hills of Aravalli, trek the amazing hills on camel backs or enjoy traditional dancing programmes. Stay the night soaking in the luxury.

  • Day : 5 Neemrana-Jaipur

    After a traditional breakfast ready yourself for a road trip to the pink city. Get to your hotel to check in and start the tour by visiting the City Palace. Splendid courtyards constructed in a maze like formation on the outside, the palace holds artifacts and cenotaphs of Rajput Queens and Kings showcasing their grandeur. Move on to visit the Iswari Minar Swarga Sal built next to the City Palace by Maharaja Jai Singh II’s son. This minaret rises high in a spiral with breath taking views of the city from the top. Visit the Hawa Mahal overlooking the bustling bazaars of the city to get lost in the honeycomb architecture. Travel to the Nahargarh Fort for magnificent views of the city. Lore has it that construction of this fort was disrupted by the spirit of Nahar Singh as all that was built in the day would collapse through the night. Its existence could only be possible if the fort would be named after the prince hence the name Nahargarh. Visit the Amber Fort having about a hundred flight of stairs built as a protection from the enemy. Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Day : 06 Jaipur-Udaipur

    Wake to listen the cryptic yet magical stories depicted in the walls of the Jal Mahal situated right in the middle of Man Sagar Lake origin of which is still not known. Drive to the SRC Museum of Indology for a display of authentic objects varying from manuscripts of Mughal emperors to a climbing taboret of the shortest Maharani. After a luncheon at the resort further the journey to Udaipur on road. Reach Udaipur to check into your hotel to stay the night there.

  • Day : 07 Udaipur

    Bring out the cameras to capture serene views of the breath taking City Palace of Udaipur. Being the largest palace of Rajasthan it was originally constructed to cover only a small area on the bank of Lake Pichola but over a period of 400 years, under many maharanas the palace kept expanding to include more than 11 smaller palaces. Its marble and masonry design was the finest manifestation of Mughal and Rajput haughtiness. The insides of the palace are even more magnanimous having a perfect blend of regality adaptive to the modern world. With the City Palace Museum open for tourists, spend the afternoon glancing at artifacts and relics of the great Mewar Dynasty. Enjoy the clear waters of the Lake Pichola in the soft cold winds of the city. Stay the night at your hotel.

  • Day : 08 Udaipur

    Travel to the Monsoon Palace or the Sajjangarh Palace atop a hill in the Aravali’s. Suggestive of its name, it was chiefly constructed to view the monsoon clouds by Maharaja Sajjan Singh. The palace has views of the various lakes presiding the city with a sight of Chittorgarh, the ancestral home of the Mewar family and an overlooking view of the Fateh Sagar Lake. Next in line is the amazing Lake Garden Palace in the Lake Pichola also called the Jag Mandir Palace. Tour the vintage and classic car collection museum to glance at vintage vehicles. Spend the night in your splendid hotel.

  • Day : 09 Udaipur-Delhi

    Enjoy a buffet breakfast at the hotel to check out and drive back to the Delhi airport.

  • Day : 10 Jaisalmer

    Start your day with the massiveness of the fort made popular with the name of 'Sonar Qila' (Golden Fort) by the famous Bengali sleuth, Feluda. A major asset in the Palace Tour of Rajasthan, the name is truly justified by the facade of the fort that has been built using yellow sandstone and yellow limestone, thus giving its golden lustre. The architectural style of the intricately adorned Raj Mahals and Havelis prove that it is not only a magnificence of visual perception but also skilled workmanship. The two canon points, located at vantage points within the fort, give you an amazing panoramic view of Jaisalmer City and the Thar Desert. Next take a visit to the Salim Singh ki Haveli that is unique for its arched roof, which draws close resemblance to that of a peacock. It casts an incredible silhouette with its 38 ornate flanking balconies. Explore further intricacies of palace architecture in the Patwa ki Haveli. Being one of the largest havelis in Jaisalmer, it is originally a cluster of five grandiose havelis, each with its own marvellous little features that deserve a decent place in the haveli of your dreams. Post lunch, visit one of the finest examples of Indian craftsmanship. With its ornate balconies, canopies and intricately carved screens, the Mandir Palace of Jaisalmer is without a doubt one of the most magnanimous sights that does not fail to capture the senses of the tourist in an ambiance of splendour and awe. After all the palace exploration, experience a marvel amidst the sand dunes of Jaisalmer called the Vyas Chhatri. Though not a typical palace but the spot has been included in the Palace Tour of Rajasthan for its magnificent beauty and architectural significance. Housing a series of semi open pavilions, carved with baroque patterns, it will soothe your senses for the evening and present you with a beautiful sunset amidst the dunes of Jaisalmer. Night stay at the hotel.

  • Day : 11 Jodhpur

    From the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer we are now ready to set in search for the Banjaras in blue. we come..! On arriving check into your hotel and enjoy a ravishing lunch. After satisfying your taste buds, gear up for some more opulence of the Palace Tour of Rajasthan. Get a chance to visit a palace that serves as a living heritage, that is, it still is used for the purpose it was constructed for. The Umaid Bhawan Palace, still, has the royal family residence in it along with a luxury hotel. The sector opened for visitors houses a unique museum containing the belongings of the historic Rajas and Maharajas. Next up, get lost in the meandering and lush Mandore Gardens. It also houses a museum called the 'Hall of Heroes' and a temple of the 33 crore Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The architectural glamour of the bygone era is clearly evident from these immaculate structures. Enjoy a ravishing sunset at Mansuria Hills Garden and end your day with a wondrous canvas painted in crimson. Stay the night in your destined hotel.

  • Day : 12 Bikaner

    We all know Bikaner as the place famous for producing lip-smacking snacks that have made Indian chat sessions delicious since times immemorial. But, the true fact is that, apart from being a large known brand for munchies, Bikaner has magnetic and fascinating pieces of palace architecture that elucidate the rich history of Rajput culture quite vividly, hence have their special spot in the Palace Tour of Rajasthan. Check into your hotel at Bikaner and retire for your lunch. After satisfying your grub, head towards the magnific Junagarh Fort. The artistically engraved fort, consists of a number of dignified temples and pompous palaces done in mirror, adorned with frescos and lacquer work. The palaces dedicated to the royal ladies, in particular capture the attention of tourists, as they exhibit exquisite designs of great artistic skill. Karan Mahal, Phool Mahal, Anup Mahal, Chandra Mahal are further exemplary pieces of extraordinary Indian palace architecture and workmanship. Next, calm yourself amidst ornamented cenotaphs (chatris) at the Devi Kund. Each of these belonged to specific members of the royal family and thus have an intrinsic feature in their aesthetics that self-elucidate themselves. Enjoy a regal scenery over the Thar Desert as the sun falls in love with the moon. Night stay at the hotel.

  • Day : 13 Ajmer

    As we draw towards the end of the tour, the epilogue to the Palace Tour of Rajasthan is yet to be read because we are on our way to Ajmer. Post lunch, let's explore Akbar's palace and museum. Showing intrinsic features of Mughal Architecture, it is in line with the cityscape of Ajmer which is a harmonious confluence of Mughal and Rajput influence, owing to its history. It is believed to be the place where Prince Jahangir was born. The museum too houses some interesting vintage exhibits. Next, take a short drive to meander in the lanes of the Roopangarh Fort. The royal style of living donned by the kings of the 17th century is clearly evident. Return to the city and dine in an exquisite ambiance amongst artificial water bodies and gardens at The Ambrosia Restaurant. Stay the night in your destined hotel.

  • Day : 14 Pushkar

    After breakfast, visit one of the most impressive and magnificent structures of Palace Tour of Rajasthan -the Taragarh Fort. Though the fort now mostly lies in the form of ruins, it was constructed in 1354 upon a steep hillside and built under the reign of King Ajaypal Chauhan. Rani Mahal is a small palace within the fort complex, built for the wives and concubines of rulers. Though not in its original charm yet deserves a moment of appreciation for the abundance of heritage that it signifies. Take a short drive to reach the spot where Lord Bramha performed his great yagya (ritual).The Man Mahal and the Pushkar Palace both offer an enriching experience and prove to be of impeccable significance to the generic Rajasthani architectural pattern and to the Palace Tour of Rajasthan. Enjoy an authentic Rajasthani Thali at Om Shiva Garden Restaurant and take a drive back to Ajmer. Spend a lazy evening boating and gazing at the setting sun at Ana Sagar Lake. Watch the magic of colours that nature unfolds, as the sun hits the bottom horizon. Night stay at your destined hotel.

  • Day : 15 Alwar

    The time has finally arrived to bid adieu to this prodigious Palace Tour of Rajasthan but before returning to Delhi, one last stop at the destination where the journey of the Fairy Queen ends is inevitable - the city of Alwar. After lunch, it's time to get lost in the opulent melange of Rajput and Islamic styles of architecture at the Alwar City Palace. The museum, within the palace complex, housing swords that belonged to great rulers of the Delhi Sultanate are too worth a visit. Next, visit the Bala Quila (young fort) and enjoy the intricacies of marble and stone work, thus, perching in the poise of royalty. For a beautiful finale, experience the beautiful spectacle of the Vijay Mandir Palace. What adds to this setting is a tranquil lake in the foreground of the palace and the lush gardens surrounding the structure, which is adds to the radiance of the scenery. End your Palace Tour of Rajasthan, with a sumptuous dinner at the Dadhikar Fort and feed yourself a mesmerising view of the Aravalli Range along with authentic cuisines. Stay the night in your destined hotel.

  • Day : 16 Delhi

    Time to head back to where we started this incredible palace and fort expedition, that is, Delhi and thus turn the final page in the book dedicated to the aan,baan and shaan of the eras that have flown by.

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