Golden Triangle with Incredible Rajasthan


From Elephants and ensembles of erudite emperors to camels and candid chores of commoners, Rajasthan is a place that incorporates all. The arid Aravalli, the flamboyant forts, the limpid lakes have historic stories of valor and wit to narrate. The Rajasthan holiday package gives a complete tour of Rajasthan to tourists who wish for a soulful escapade. The contrast of the vibrant bustle of the city and the monotone vegetation of the desert prove to be more appealing than what meets the eye. The manifestations of folk lore and realism of rustic life are quite nicely visible in this tour of Rajasthan.

Day – 1 Arrival Delhi

Arrangement of a pickup with our representative to check you in a hotel for an over night stay.

Day - 2 Delhi

Begin the day with a hearty breakfast to visit the Lotus Temple which happens to be a Bahai House of Worship constructed in the shape of a lotus. It’s quaint and peaceful interiors take the soul away from the hustle of the city. Drive to the Birla Mandir to see a contrast of religious activities within the diverse city. Visit the Red fort, a red sandstone building made by the Mughal Emperor ShahJahan on account of making Delhi his capitol estate during his reign. Stroll through the museums to learn about the Mughal era. Have a delicious lunch at the Cannaught Place and stroll through the markets rich in Indian artifacts and merchandise from across the whole country. Visit the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in central Delhi to embibe the cultural variance. Drive to a beautiful mausoleum of the saint Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya famous for its musical qawwali sessions at the Hazrat Nizamuddin Durgah to enjoy a tranquil evening. Visit the Hauz Khas market to enjoy the night life of the city. Stay the night at the hotel.

Day – 3 Delhi-Agra

Get the day started by driving through Raj Ghat which is the cremation ground of the great Mahatma Gandhi. Drive through the President’s Estate and the famous War Memorial Arc India Gate built to honor the soldiers that died fighting for the country. Drive to Agra after lunch. The city built on the banks of the great Yamuna river holds one of the seven wonders of the world as its famous visiting place. Drive through the streets of Sikandra and stop to marvel at the Akbar’s tomb. Reach Agra to settle in your resort. Move to see the Taj Mahal over the subsiding sun. The descending rays of yellow split into a hundred colors while gliding over the white marble beauty. Spend the evening traversing the markets of Agra to rest the day in your hotel for the night.

Day - 4 Agra-Jaipur

Commence the day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel to start the journey with a visit to the Akbar’s Fort. Road trip to Jaipur to start the tour of Rajasthan and check in your hotel. Explore the Pink City and visit the Hawa Mahal having a maze of windows overlooking the bazaars of the city. Visit the Jal Mahal to be astounded by this water palace built right in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. Travel to the Nahargarh Fort built on a ridge that holds amazing views of the city. Beneath Nahargarh, just outside the city walls discover the royal relics and artifacts in a quiet and peaceful place of Royal Gaitor Tumbas. The stonework in particular is laudable because of its intricate carvings. Visit Galta Ji, a series of Hindu Temple about 10 kms outside of Jaipur. Lodged between a crevice in a ring of hills, this place has many water tanks which are filled with a spring emerging out of the hills on the top. Remember to get peanuts to feed the numerous troops of monkeys found here. Drive back to your hotel to stay the night

Day - 5 Jaipur-Shekhawati

Move up to Northern Rajasthan to Shekhawati that holds many exotic and extravagant palaces with a foison of artistic talent. The Haveli Nadine Le prince in Fatehpur, Rajasthan has paintings of the French artist with a gallery of some amazing artwork open for display. At some distance is the Vishnunath Keria Haveli which is another place with beautiful drawings of Indian culture mixed with mythology. The Char Chawk Haveli has the most beautiful murals with strong images of playful Lord Krishna to a painting of a bird on an elephant holding another in its beak. The graffiti definitely brings forth stories of reign of emperors back in the day which are aesthetically pleasing. Travel to the Dundlod Fort which transpires the essence of brave Shekhawats that fought the Mughals. The place is rich in culture and has many interesting narratives. Rest the day in the hotel .

Day – 6 Shekhawati-Bikaner

Travel up west to the city of Bikaner which holds the heart of Rajasthan. After checking in your hotel drive to see the Junagarh fort built by Raja Rai Singh to soak the magnificent building and get clicked under it. See the yellow stoned Bhandasar Temple which is a Jain Temple having vivid and vibrant paintings all over it. Visit the Lalgarg Palace and Museum to stroll through the artifacts and have a delicious lunch. Drive to Jaisalmer to reach by night and check in your hotel for an overnight stay.

Day - 7 Bikaner-Jaisalmer

After breakfast start the day by a visit to the Jaisalmer Fort to explore traditional life in Rajasthan in the meandering small lanes of this honeycombed fort. With people residing in the walls of this fort check out the authentic markets laid out by natives for souvenirs and other merchandise. See the Fort Palace, atop the Hawa Pol known exclusively for its Rang Mahal which is the bedroom of an eighteenth century emperor. Sheer magnificence is brought out in the Patwon-ki-Haveli which is built on a narrow lane now open as a museum for tourists has intricate carvings, artwork furniture. Indulge in a delicious lunch to drive to camp under the stars in the desert for an altogether different experience. Reach the campsite by early evening and check in the royal tents of your choice. Gather around the bonfire for a traditional musical Rajasthani spectacle followed by a delicious dinner and a jam session around the bonfire. Traverse the desert on camel backs. Stay the night in the tents.

Day - 8 Jaisalmer-Delhi

Wake up to treat the distant desert and sight the rising sun. Get dressed for a Desert Safari in the Thar to take you further in the desert. Interact with the rustic villagers of nearby villages to capture the essence of Rajasthan. Be driven back to the city of Jaisalmer to catch your train back to Delhi.

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