Gangaur Festival

Gangaur Festival in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Tour Package warmly welcomes you to the festival of women worshipping Goddess Gauri wife of Lord Shiva. It is colorfully celebrated for 18 days after Holi in the Chaitra (spring season) between March and April.

The significance of this practice is seeking blessing for a good husband by spinsters and prosperity for the married women. Honoring Goddess Gauri for her affectionate love towards the marriage this festival is well known around the world.

This festival is grandly celebrated by the women dressed up in their best fit adorning with jewelry and praying for their husband's welfare. Procession of escorting dear Gauri to Shiva's house is carried magnificently by the women on palanquins chariots and cattle in a joyful mood. Ritual is 18 days fast by both married and unmarried women to find the Mr. Right groom and make her existing husband into a successful charmer. Sinjara is a cash gift offered to the married daughter from her parents and friends to live life in a most meaningful and happy way.

It is truly a beautiful scene of love spread across. Sweet dish “Ghewar” is distributed amongst relatives. The women carrying Ghudilas on their head singing and dancing in love and searching for a perfect match.

Let us rejoice this culture in the Rajasthan Tour Package Itinerary.

  • Day : 1 Delhi to Bikaner (520km)

    Welcome aboard to the Rajasthan Tour Package, our representative shall escort you from the airport. Get ready to set a long drive to Bikaner by 9 odd hours, famously known for its Arabian nights. Swabbed sands classic refugee camps and bright colors flashing this amazing city.

    Check into the hotel with our representative rest a comfortable night with some heavy meal.

  • Day : 2 Bikaner Wanderer

    Set the tempo high to sweat along the Junagarh Fort built in 1593 by Rai Singh in a perfect blend of Mughal, Gujarati and Rajput style. Enjoy the chirpy morning here with a princely breakfast. Next, go in the Lalgarh Palace built in 1902 by Maharaja Ganga Singh in remembrance of his father with the finest collection of sandstone building the royal home.

    You can try a bumpy ride on the camels to show off the desert feel. Evening seeks blessing from Karni Mata Rat temple with 15,000 rats being worshipped here as good luck. There is Shri Laximnath temple of Lord Vishnu and Laxmi built in marble and sandstone to embellish the true motives of life existence.

    Stay Overnight at the hotel

  • Day : 3 Bikaner to Jodhpur (252km)

    Beautiful sunny day, check out from the hotel for a thrilling drive southward to the blue city popularly called Jodhpur. The city is called by this name because of the majestic design of Fort, Royal Palace, and blue painted streets. Reaching here on road takes close to five hours. Enjoy the vivid city fragrance with a quick open shopping during the festive period. The city is beautifully decorated during the Gangaur festival positioning the Rajasthan tour package relevance. It is a free day to discover the city.

    Stay Overnight at the hotel

  • Day : 4 Jodhpur Expedition

    Wake up feeling the pride of the Rathore Clan, remarkably spotted in the outskirts of the Thar desert it’s a mix up of Hindi Marwari and Rajasthani people.

    The first destination is widely recognized to be the plumb hill sided horizon of Historic gateway “Mehrangarh Fort” the skyline of legendary ethics of Jodhpur. You can discover the fort with the museum alongside to help you learn more. Climb uphill to the beautiful Umaid Bhawan Palace built in 1929. This Palace is turned into a luxury hotel now. Ought not to miss the collection of clocks at the museum and polished vintage cars in the Royal Residency.

    The evening can be peacefully spent by bird watching in the manmade lake in 1872 by Pratap Singh. Siberian cranes fly and stopover in the winter to feel the warmth of the only lake in Jodhpur its neighbors all in exclusive Rajasthan Tour Package.

    Dine and enjoy the night with mouthwatering hot served food enchanted with light Folk music. Stay Overnight at the hotel

  • Day : 5 Jodhpur to Jaipur (336km)

    After a marvelous stay in the blue city head to the pink city next on track in the Rajasthan Tour package. A drive for six hours. You can enjoy the music and some warm breeze touching your face. Snap around the local villagers with pot overhead and cattle rearing on way.

    Welcome to the Sea of Palace windows. Jaipur is the precious stoned jewel in our country. Rich in its diversity and ethnicity the place was aptly founded by Jai Singh in the 18th century. According to ancient history, the city is treasured with hidden gems and jewels, vibrant colors of Odhni, beautiful artistic strokes neat handicrafts. Enjoy the street foods famous for the mouthwatering snacks by the local vendors keeping your tummy tingling with pleasant Sufi music at the background.

    Stay Overnight at the hotel

  • Day : 6 Jaipur Touring

    Wake up for an exciting morning tour after breakfast.

    The first spot in the Rajasthan Tour Package is the nearby Jantar Mantar with an astronomical significance for observations measuring the heaven in those time of 1728 eras.

    Followed by the dizzying five-storeyed pink building the Hawa Mahal built in 1799. A small museum has a collection of the famous Rajput miniature paintings.

    You will also wish to see the City Palace in the neighborhood with a mix of Rajput and Mughal Architecture. This Palace has complex courtyards of Chandra Mahal and Mubarak, narrow passages and gardens. Not to miss a chance to stay on the top of Ishwari Minar Swarga Sal.

    Traveling towards north from here you shall reach Jal Mahal built on Man Sagar lake in Rajput style Palace in middle of the water carved in red sandstone.

    Last resort is the famous Amber Fort a popular attraction in the evening built over the hill with red sandstone and marble, you cannot leave without touring the whole fort with our guide.

    Stay Overnight at the hotel.

  • Day : 7 Jaipur to Delhi (260km)

    The Rajasthan Tour Package concludes here.

    Our representative shall escort you to reach Delhi.

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