Fateh Prakash Museum

To experience the valor and royalty of the erstwhile Chittorgarh is a must for any vivid traveler on fleek. Constructed by the Maharana Pratap Singh, the palace used to serve the purpose of a home for him. Maharana Pratap Singh deliberately built the palace in Rajasthani style to reveal his quality taste for art and culture. The large number of corridors and pillars of the palace are salient features of Rajasthani architecture.

The palace is a glimpse of likes and dislikes of Maharana Pratap Singh. At the heart of this spectacular piece of history is a museum, with artefacts of the time made of crystal. In fact, the collection was so vast that in 1968, it was realized that the collection is big enough to be exhibited in a museum. It is only the fact that the collection of crystals and collectables was so fast that major part of the fort was converted into a museum.

If the grandiose of Maharana Pratap Singh was not enough, we have also added that special and sedulous visit to Rajasmand for a scenic and serene experience visiting the Rajasmand Lake, build in the 17th century by the erstwhile king of Mewar and a heritage walk of the Kumbalgarh Fort, a testament to the valour and indomitable spirit of the Rajputs, as a part of this splendid Rajasthan Tour.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 Jaipur – Chittorgarh : 310 kms

    Get, set go early in the morning for a roadtrip starting from Jaipur to Chittorgarh. Reach the hotel, rest a little and then begin our adventure of the Chittorgarh Palace with a visit to the Vijay Stambh and Kirti Stambh. Followed by a visit to the local bazaar for food and keepsakes to take back. Come back for a comfortable sweet sleep on the luxurious hotel bed.

  • Day : 2 Chittorgarh – Rajasmand : 110 kms

    Today is the day we explore focal point of this Rajasthan Tour, the place of Rana Fateh’s residence, who was so stimulated by art and culture, that this particular palace within the Chittorgarh Fort houses a museum to showcase his collection of numerous rare sculptures. At the heart of the museum is the Ambica, Indra belonging to the post medieval period. These statues were found during excavation of the Rashmi Village. There is a big idol of Lord Ganesha which dates back to the 8th to 9th century. We explore the fort during the day followed by a ride to Rajasmand for yet another adventure. Participate in the cultural events organized at Rajasmand followed by an authentic Rajasthani Dinner at the bazaar

  • Day : 3 Rajasmand – Jaipur : 337 kms

    Begin early for a heritage walk of the Kumbalgarh Fort, built over a period of 15 it is perfectly perched between eleven peaks of the Aravalli ranges. Its positioning on a high ridge masked by the surrounding peaks has made it one of the most important and only invincible fort of the state. We explore the fort followed with lunch and then head back towards Jaipur to end this perfect artistic Rajasthan Tour .

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