Desert National Park Tour

Jaisalmer and its weekend adventures....

Jaisalmer is known for its proximity to the golden dunes and for housing the magnanimous Golden Fort. Along with this, it is also known for the adventurous dexterity that it preserves in its sanctuary, which is bound to present its tourists with one in a lifetime tales. Thus, we bring to a the Desert National Park Tour that not only brings to you the treasures of Jaisalmer but also the exciting journey of the national park. So fasten your seat belts and gear up for an amazing trip.

Detailed Day Wise Itinerary

  • Day : 1 The road trip to the Golden City (9 hour drive from Udaipur to Jaisalmer)

    Be escorted from Udaipur to embark upon a road trip to Jaisalmer to start your Desert National Park Tour. Tune your radio to some beat-y journey tracks and enjoy a ride from the city in white to one adorned in gold. Spend a peaceful night at Jaisalmer contemplating the upcoming adventures.

  • Day : 2 The wilderness and the opulence

    Give your morning an unusual start with a thrilling safari across the Desert National Park. This safari will prove to be the highlight of your Desert National Park Tour, not only because of the thrill it brings along but also the joy of observing the black buck and the great Indian Bustard gallantly roaming in their own flamboyance is worth a memorable shot.

    Changing the note of your tour, with a visit to the structure built in the lustrous yellow limestone, giving it the perfect golden glitz it requires. The Golden fort or also known as the Jaisalmer Fort is bound to allure you with its enchanting beauty.

    Post lunch, catch a glimpse of the Patwa ki Haveli to indulge into the lives of the maharajas and maharanis of the by-gone era. Spend some moments of bliss under the ornate cenotaphs at Vyas Chattri, staring at the infinite sea of the golden Thar.

    In the evening, let the national park bid your day a farewell with another safari. Watch as the different species of wildlife finish their nightly errands before calling it a day. Spend a serene night at the hotel.

  • Day : 3 Farewell to the weekend

    In the morning be driven back to Udaipur to bid a final adieu to the Desert National Park Tour, that was not only filled with vibrancy but with evident touch of nature in its epitome of beauty.

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