Dadhimata Temple Nagaur

City: Nagaur

This place is considered to be the oldest surviving temples in Northern India. Situated in Nagaur, It is devoted to goddess Parvati. This pilgrim place was built by Raja Bhojdev during 836-892 AD. It receives thousands of devotees during the month of Navaratra.

Entry is free of cost. Distance from Main City:

Known as the Goth Manglod Temple, it is situated 40 km away from Nagaur. From Jaipur airport, it is approximately 250 kms away.

Faith of the Temple and Kinds of Pujas Performed:

This temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Dadhimati Mata which is said to be the sister of Rishi (sage) Dadhichi and form of Goddess Laxmi.

Nearby Places to Visit:

The major attractions in Nagaur are Nagaur Fort, Deepak Mahal, Tarkeen Dargah, Jain Glass Temple, Amar Singh’s Cenotaph.

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