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To dip your soul in the auspicious waters of the Kumbh is perhaps the most widely talked about fair not just in India but across the world. The significance of the Kumbh Mela at Allahabad is the most with an expected participation of more than 100 million participants from across the world all thanks to UNESCO’s listing of this site as a part of the ‘Intangible Heritage and Humanity List’.

Jodhpur records its start back to the time of 1459 AD. The foundation of this flourishing city hinges around the Rathore group. Rao Jodha, the pioneer of Rathore Clan is ascribed with the initiation of this city. The town is perceived as being developed in the area of the old capital, Mandore of the Manwar state. Consequently, people of Jodhpur and in addition enveloping areas are normally perceived as Marwaris. Also, it is assumed that the collectibles of Mandore could at present be viewed in the Mandore Gardens.

Kumbh Mela – the confluence of the four Vedas. In this way, the meaning of the Kumbh is entirely complete. In fact, Kumbh is the confluence of our civilization. This is the epitome of self-awareness. This is the infinite stream of the humanity. Kumbh is the union of nature and humanity. Kumbh is the source of energy. Kumbh realizes human’s their sin, virtue and light, darkness.

Kumbh Mela takes place every thirteen years at one of four places: Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain, Nashik and Chataradham. The Mela also alternates in its different avatars between Prayag, Nashik, Ujjain, Haridwar and Chataradham every third year. We also celebrate the Half Kumbh Mela every six years at Haridwar, Prayag and Chataradham. The location and frequency with which these spiritual gatherings celebrated is given below

  • Kumbh Mela : Held at all five places – Prayag, Nashik, Ujjain, Haridwar and Chataradham
  • Ardha Kumbh Mela (Half Kumbh Mela) : Held at Haridwar, Chataradham and Prayag every 6 years
  • Purna Kumbh Mela : Held only at Prayag and Chataradham every 12 years
  • Maha Kumbh Mela : Held only at Prayag and Chataradham, every 144 years

The Kumbh Mela drives its significance from the chance to transcend, to reach beyond the endless suffering of material existence and reincarnation and enter the level of liberation, salvation, and immortality. It is the promise to purify oneself spiritually and connect with the divinity inside all of us that makes it a worthwhile experience. Kumbh, in the minds and spirits of every Indian is based on the concept that bathing in holy waters removes all past sins, and one becomes free from the bondage of death.

The apex body to regulate the Kumbh Melas is the Akshara Parishad which has declared 6 dates for the Mela in 2019. These 6 days can be further bifurcated into Royal Bathing (Important Bathing), Important Bathing and Normal Bathing.

The information provided above (and more importantly, the 100 million people) is enough to scare even the strongest of people. But this is one thing you should not be worried at all about, cause we always got your back. Here is a collection of all the information you will need to get the most out of your spiritual dipping in the magical waters of the mela.

To begin with, it is impertinent to know the dates and the locations of the feisty fair. The dates declared by Parishad are

  • Shahi Snan – Makar Sankranti (15th January), Mauni Amawasya (4th February) and Basant Panchami (10th Febuary). These are the dates demarcated by the Parishad. Important things to note here are that there is a lot of crowd on the grounds during these days, high traffic and accommodation prices are also higher than usual. Keep aside 4-5 days to have a best in class experience. The roads and grounds are full of spiritual gurus, naga sadhus and devotees showering money and gifts on roads
  • Important Bathing – Paush Purnima (21st January), Maghi Purnima (19th Febuary), Maha0020Shivratri (4th March). These dates are less crowded than the Shahi Snan, however, the experience is as majestic and spiritual as the royal snan. A minimum of 2-3 days is required for this auspicious dip
  • Normal Bathing – Normal bathing is open all days baring the dates mentioned above for the year. One can feel at ease and experience the spirituality, peace, culture and heritage at length during this time. Keep aside 1-2 days for this experience.

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With the dates in mind, there are a few things that are impertinent to keep in mind while travelling to Allahabad. You would not want to be travel all the way only to sit on the sides and witness the crowds and clap for them (which I did last time I visited). So, learning from my mistakes, we present to you the perfect tips to keep in mind while traveling to holy lands

  • Accommodation - One has to be very extremely careful of where they stay during the mela, specially on the Shahi Snan and Important Snan dates, as it is really crowded at that time. So here is our two cents - There are many Mela camps which have private rooms or separate male & female dormitories. They have female dormitories which usually have 10 beds in one room with 2 attached bathrooms. Point to be noted is that these are makeshift camps so are very basic, but they win our hearts with their dedicated staff and safety
  • Extra Points for the early bird - This can ensure lower rates and vacancy. Last minute booking on important bathing dates can be very tricky especially if traveling alone
  • Intellectually Spiritual – Choose your travel dates wisely. The minimum amount of days required for the best in class experience is provided above, so make sure that you choose your days and travel in advance and keeping these small details in mind
  • The closer, the better – Take accommodation that is closer to the holy grounds, as most of the day is spent in the rituals (and it sure starts early)
  • Comfort before Fashion on Fleek – In order to make the most of the celebration – wearing comfortable warm and covering Indian clothes is advisable, women could carry stoles to cover their head while offering prayers

Dipping your souls into the Kumbh Waters is that once in a lifetime experience, worth a thousand sons. You will find peace even amidst the worst of chaos. The city also has a food area where you get the best street food. A dip in waters will make you feel calm and composed, irrespective of the popular belief of washing away your sins. So hold on and let the spiritual condolence take you within and beyond….

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