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Rajasthan Holiday has come up with some of the finest Rajasthan tour packages for the desert state of Rajasthan. The colorful country of India has some of the wonderful tourist destinations that you can visit on your tour of Rajasthan. Moreover, our Rajasthan Tour Packages are designed to suit the needs of every modern traveler. The tour packages take you to some of the exciting places in Rajasthan.
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Rajasthan Overview
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    Keoladeo Ghana National Park

    The KeoladeoGhana National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is strategically located just 7 kms away from the town of Bharatpur. This renowned park is spread over an area of 29 sq. kms of marshy land and is the nesting ground of hundreds of varieties of birds, including certain migratory birds which are on the verge of extinction. History reveals that in the year 1938, attracted by the huge diversity of birds, Lord Linlithgo along with his entourage hunted a staggering 4273 birds in one single day. In the days of yore, thissanctuary used to serve as the Maharaja's hunting ground. Although it was declared as a National Park in the year 1981, conservation activities at this renowned bird sanctuary was initiated way back in 1964 when India's numero uno birdman - Salim Ali took the initiative to stop bird hunting.

    Inside the sanctuary, there is a lake whichis where the birds can be seen frolicking in the waters. On a conservative estimate, 360 species of birds have been identified at the sanctuary. The Siberian Swans, the Fish Mongers, Storks, Dahuk, Sonajanga, Shamukkhol, White Crow, Red Crow, Pelicans and many types of sea birds are all very conspicuous by their presence. As far as Swans are concerned, nearby 80 varieties of them have been identified.


    Situated in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan Keoladeo National Park is considered as ‘Ornithologist's Paradise’ which is often known as Bharatpur bird sanctuary/ wildlife Sanctuary or Ghana National Park. Earlier duck shoots were organized in the area by the ruler of Behrampur which has later been considered as a national park and now accepted as a world heritage site by UNESCO. This Kewladeo Bird sanctuary is the paradise for birds which is famous for the varieties of indigenous and migratory birds, both aquatic and non aquatic. Tourists can enjoy seeing the migratory birds of Keoladeo Ghana Park, which come from as far away as Siberia and Central Asia to spend their winters in Bharatpur, before returning back to their breeding grounds.

    Spread in an area of over 29 sq KM out of which 10 sq. KM is of fresh water marshes, the sanctuary has about 375 species of birds which consists of indigenous as well as migratory birds including the world famous Siberian Cranes. The major other important birds that can be seen in Keoladeo National Park /Bharatpur bird sanctuary, include Pelicans, Cranes, Egrets, Darters, Cormorants, Grey Herons, Stork, Ducks, Eagles, Hawks, Pipits, Warblers, Wheatears, Wagtails, Flycatchers, Buntings, Larks, Shanks, Stints etc. Great attraction of this bird sanctuary is the famous Siberian Cranes, who travel about 6,500 km from Siberia regions to spend their winters in the sanctuary. A tourist can move around the Keoladeo Ghana National Park and well-defined forest trails to explore the bird sanctuary by rickshaw. The beautiful artificial lake situated in the middle of the park is an additional attraction of this place. Besides the flora and fauna, other tourist attractions around the sanctuary are Lohagarh Fort (a strong and invincible fort having a history its own), the Bharatpur Government Museum and the Bharatpur Palace and Deeg fort which is famous for its beautiful gardens and historical background. Keoladeo is an ancient Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva is located in the sanctuary's central zone.

    There are ranges of accommodation in Bharatpur to stay comfortably during your journey to Bharatpur bird sanctuary. Many rest houses, lodges, dormitories managed by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation and verities of hotels provide best accommodation for the safe and pleasurable stay during your travel.

    Located in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, Bharatpur bird sanctuary is well connected with railway route and road route. Nearest airport Agra is just about 5 hrs drive and a tourist can take a taxi from the Airport. The distance from major destinations to this place is- Delhi - 176 km, Agra - 60 km, and Jaipur - 176 km.


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