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Rajasthan Holiday has come up with some of the finest Rajasthan tour packages for the desert state of Rajasthan. The colorful country of India has some of the wonderful tourist destinations that you can visit on your tour of Rajasthan. Moreover, our Rajasthan Tour Packages are designed to suit the needs of every modern traveler. The tour packages take you to some of the exciting places in Rajasthan.
Rajasthan Overview
Rajasthan Overview
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    A storm of dust raises high above the sandy desert, the heavy sound of horse hooves fills the air and the sublime creature fades into the sand dunes. The Marwari horse has just rode past you, more like fly past you, with the whole experience lasting for just a few seconds, but more than sufficient to transfer you into the ancient royal era of Rajasthan, forever lost but un-erasably embellished into its spirit, when brave Rathore Kings rode through the desert, stamping their supremacy and valor, and noting else typified their chivalry, passion and pride more than their Marwari horse whom they loved to distraction.

    Also called Malani, the Marwari horse originally from the Marwar region of Rajasthan are an ancient breed of horses easily recognized by their unique physical characteristics like an upright neck, dark expressive eyes and lofty carriage, apart from their lyre shaped ears. The animal was capable of lifting the spirit of the Rathore in the battlefield apart from being a pleasure to the eyes, who esteemed them highly because of their stamina, bravery and loyalty.

    A normal Marawari horse stands between 15 to 17 hands, that is, 63-68 inches and its legs are smooth sporting a hairless and silky coat. Its high neck comes out of well built shoulders. The chest is well proportioned and the straight back rounds off at the thighs, with perpendicular and straight legs composed of slender and strong bones.

    The Marwari horses were mainly given the legendary status because of the wild and brave Rajput kings who rode the animals to many a battlefield. Originally developed as a war horse, they were believed to be breed first in 1212 BC by the Rathores, the rulers of Marwar who strictly bred only selective species resulting in production of only the perfect breeds full of stamina and speed. The loyal species were trained to perfection, and are famous for their courageous behavior apparent most in the battlefields where they are said to carry back their rider to safety even when being grievously injured, kicking and biting those who attempted to approach.

    However, the most famous Marwari horse was Chetak, the horse of Rajput Ruler Rana Pratap, who rode him during the battle of Haldighati in the year 1576 against the Mughals. The animal received grievous injuries during the battle, but nevertheless carried his master to a distance of about 2 miles away from the battle site, collapsing near a small stream. A beautiful cenotaph dedicated to the beloved creature exist here till date which now falls in the village Jharol of Rajsamand district.

    Only the warrior cast of Rajput families and the Kshatriyas were permitted to ride upon these horses and were neglected during the British rule in India which continued after independence as well. Only 550-600 horses remained in the early nineties, but due to the surviving Rajput families, a large community of horse lovers and measures take by the government that their numbers have increased substantially.

    The breed is now celebrated as a symbol of bygone royal age of Rajasthan and a Marwari horse safari is one of the most sought after adventures. Because of their superior stamina and strength, the Marwari are used for horseback riding, polo and horse racing, apart from being the first choice of the army and police force. The Marwari horse are also the chief attraction in the famous Pushkar animal fair and the Tilwara Malinat animal fair in Barmer district, the prices of whom can be as high as 1 Lac Indian rupees!

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