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Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan Holiday has come up with some of the finest Rajasthan tour packages for the desert state of Rajasthan. The colorful country of India has some of the wonderful tourist destinations that you can visit on your tour of Rajasthan. Moreover, our Rajasthan Tour Packages are designed to suit the needs of every modern traveler. The tour packages take you to some of the exciting places in Rajasthan.
Rajasthan Overview
Rajasthan Overview
  • About Rajasthan
  • History of Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Culture
  • Rajasthan Map
  • Places to Visit in Rajasthan more...
  • Museums in Rajasthan
    Museums in Rajasthan
  • Ajmer Govt Museum
  • Virat Nagar Museum
  • Bharatpur Govt Museum
  • Fateh Prakash Museum
  • Sawai Man Singh Museum

  • Advneture Tour in Rajasthan
    Advneture Tour in Rajasthan
  • Camel Safari
  • Horse Safari
  • Jeep Safari
  • Wildlife Adventure
  • Adventure Sports more...

  • Rajasthan Attraction
    Rajasthan Attraction
  • Rat Temples
  • Elephant Safari At Amer
  • Bishnoi Village Safari
  • Royal Enfield Safari
  • more...

    Rajasthan Culture Tour
    Rajasthan Culture Tour
  • Rajasthan Cultural Heritage
  • Colorful Rajasthan
  • Rajasthan Shekhawati Tour
  • Feel Rajasthan
  • Rustic Rajasthan Tour

  • Rajasthan Weddings
    Rajasthan Weddings
  • Le-Meridian (Jaipur)
  • Rajputana Sheraton
  • Mandawa Castle
  • Lal Garh Palace (Bikaner)
  • Luxmi Niwas Palace

  • Rajasthan Pilgrimage Palace
    Rajasthan Pilgrimage Palace
  • Brahma Temple, Pushkar
  • Dargah Shariff, Ajmer
  • Dilwara Temple, Mount Abu
  • Eklingji Temple, Udaipur
  • Govind Devji Temple, Jaipur more...

  • Rajasthan Village
    Rajasthan Village
  • Bissau Village
  • Deshnok Village
  • Jhalawar Village
  • Banswara Village
  • Kishangarh Village

  • Luxury Train Tour Packages
    Rajasthan Village
  • Palace on Wheels Train Tour
  • Deccan Odyssey
  • Royal Orient
  • The Fairy Queen
  • Heritage on Wheels

    Home »» Advneture Tour in Rajasthan »» Camel Safari India

    There is something peculiar about a camel ride. Also called the creature of the desert, the seemingly lazy and rather calm looking beasts can manage in the inhospitable atmosphere of the desert with effortless ease. But the most interesting aspect is perhaps a camel trek as their walk gives a sort of feeling to its riders reminiscent of a rollercoaster ride or boating in turbulent waters! A camel ride is considered the best option to explore the deserts, its isolated villages and ancient ruins that it guards deep within- like jewels hidden under the ground. The caravan of camel riders moving slowly across the desert in isolation with nothing but occasional sighting of oasis is what makes the camel safari one of the first choices for an adventurous holiday.

    Camel Safari

    One of the most popular adventure holidays of Asia is the Indian Desert Camel Safari. The Great Indian Desert, with its unspoilt villages, tribesmen sporting colorful mood & attire, and glorious Royal ‘Haveli’, may not be as vast as those in Namibia or Sahara but possess a unique charm of their own. An adventurous camel safari through its sandy dunes might as well remind you of the famous Desert trips of the past like those of Marco Polo or Lawrence of Arabia. These camel treks range from short rides lasting for a couple of days to long ones stretching over a month.

    Camel Safari India?

    In India, Rajasthan is the hub of Camel rides, aptly suited with its Royal past, picturesque deserts stretching over miles and a rich culture where camels and camel safaris are deeply imbedded. Riding upon the ‘ship of the desert’ is one of the better ways of exploring the mystical landscape, with its three Royal cities of Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur along with a few adjoining villages comprising the camel safari circuit.

    What to bring

    :-Most camel safaris are held in winter season, so always carry a good stock of woolens and jackets. A good sleeping bag and blankets are also recommended.

    :- The sun can be merciless in the desert, so make sure to carry enough sunscreens, moisturizers and lip balms apart from sun glasses and a good old hat.

    :- A first aid kit is a must, as it’s hard to find a chemist in the desert. Make sure to keep enough stock of basic or essential subscriptions.

    :- Refreshments: Carry a good stock of mineral water bottles, apart from energy foods like fresh fruits and juices.

    :- Miscellaneous items like a cutlery, torch etc. proves handy during the safari. Avoid carrying too much luggage though.

    Rajasthan Tour Package
    Rajasthan Overview
  • Rajasthan India Tour
  • Rajasthan Heritage Tour
  • Rajasthan Palace Tour
  • Royal Rajasthan Tour
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  • City in Rajasthan
    Museums in Rajasthan
  • Jaipur India
  • Jaisalmer India
  • Jodhpur India
  • Udaipur India
  • Bikaner Tour

  • Golden Traingle Tour Packages
    Advneture Tour in Rajasthan
  • Golden Triangle & Khajuraho Tour
  • Golden Triangle & Varanasi Tour
  • Temples, Desert and Beaches Tour
  • Taj Mahal with Goa Tour
  • Taj Mahal & Haridwar Tour more...

  • Rajasthan Fort and Palaces
    Rajasthan Attraction
  • City Palace - Jaipur
  • City Palace - Udaipur
  • Lake Palace
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace
  • more...

    Rajasthan Tour Guide
    Rajasthan Culture Tour
  • Jaipur Travel Guide
  • Udaipur Travel Guide
  • Jaisalmer Travel Guide
  • Bikaner Travel Guide
  • Ajmer Travel Guide

  • Rajasthan Luxary Tour India
    Rajasthan Weddings
  • Best of India Luxury Tour
  • Colorful Rajasthan Tour
  • Journey Through The Heart of India
  • Luxury Wildlife & Palace Tour
  • Exotic Rajasthan & North India Tour

  • Rajasthan Fair & Festival
    Rajasthan Pilgrimage Palace
  • Nagaur Fair
  • Desert Festival
  • Baneswar Fair
  • Gangaur Fair
  • Mewar Festival more...

  • Rajasthan Wildlife Tour
    Rajasthan Village
  • Sariska Wildlife Tour
  • Ranthambore National Park
  • Mount Abu Sanctuary Tour
  • Keoladeo Ghana National Park
  • Jaisamand Sanctuary Tour

  • Rajasthan Monuments
    Rajasthan Village
  • Jantar Mantar
  • Deeg Palace
  • Jaisalmer Havelis
  • Manak Chowk
  • Hawa Mahal

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