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Rajasthan Holiday has come up with some of the finest Rajasthan tour packages for the desert state of Rajasthan. The colorful country of India has some of the wonderful tourist destinations that you can visit on your tour of Rajasthan. Moreover, our Rajasthan Tour Packages are designed to suit the needs of every modern traveler. The tour packages take you to some of the exciting places in Rajasthan.
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Rajasthan Overview
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    Although there is a lot that one can see and experience in the magnificent state of Rajasthan that range from its great history, Kings, Forts, palaces, monuments to its people, cuisines and a lot more. But one thing, without experiencing which your Rajathan tour will not be complete is the Bishnoi Village Safari. The motive of this safari is to peek into the lifestyle, culture and attitudes of the Bishnois, a community in Rajasthan known for their unconditional love for nature and wild life. The Bishnoi sect was founded by Guru Jambheshwar in 1451. 'Bish' means 20 and 'noi' means 9. Thus, Bishnoi translates as Twenty-niners. Guru Jambeshwar had laid down 29 principles to be followed by the sect, which are religiously followed by the bishnois even till date. Though all of these principles are special in their own distinct ways but few of them would really interest you. Like To be compassionate towards all living beings, Not to cut green trees, To partake food cooked by self / other religious person or one who is pure by heart, Not to partake of opium, Not to drink liquor, Not to eat meat or non-vegetarian and more. Before he died, he stated that the black buck was his manifestation after death and should be conserved. It is because of this fact, that in Bishnoi dominated areas, deer and antelope (such as blue bulls, black bucks, chinkaras and chowsinghas) are seen grazing peacefully in their fields.

    There are a lot of intriguing facts attached to this expedition. The origin of the Chipko movement can be traced back to the Bishnois. And also the court proceedings against renowned Bollywood actor Salman khan for allegedly killing a black buck and Chinkara in a Bishnoi village is also quite an exemplar of the commitment of Bishnois towards their rituals and community values. A legend goes that one day in 1730 Amrita Devi, a Bishnoi woman was at her home with her three daughters Asu, Ratni and Bhagu bai, when she came to know that a number of people had descended upon their village 'Khejarli'. The people were a party of men sent by Maharaja Abhay Singh, the ruler of the kingdom of Jodhpur, who wanted to fell green Khejri trees of the village, for the construction of the Maharaja's new palace. Since there were a lot of green trees in the Bishnoi villages even in the middle of the Thar Desert, the king ordered his men to get the wood by cutting the Khejri trees.

    Amrita Devi protested against the Maharaja's men who were attempting to cut green trees as it was prohibited according to Bishnois Principles.The Maharaja's men asked her to give them bribe if she wanted the trees to be spared. She refused to acknowledge this demand and said she would rather give away her life to save the green trees. She offered her head. The axes, which were brought to cut the trees, butchered her head. The three young girls also sacrificed their lives for the cause.The news spread like wildfire. The Bishnois of Khejrali got infuriated and further extended the protest and decided that for every green tree to be cut one Bishnoi volunteer, would sacrifice his/ her life. After intense hullabaloo the tree felling party returned back to Maharaja. Soon as he learnt about it, he ordered the felling of trees to be stopped immediately. By that time, three hundred and sixty three Bishnois, young and old, men and women, married and unmarried, rich and poor, had already sacrificed their lives.

    In deference to their bravery, the Maharaja apologised for the mistakes committed by his officials and issued a royal decree stating that henceforth all cutting of green trees and hunting of animals within the premises of Bishnoi villages was strictly prohibited. It was also ordered, that if by mistake any individual violated this order, he would be prosecuted by the state and a severe penalty would be imposed on him. Since then, nobody dares to tamper with the wildlife in the Bishnoi occupied areas.
    Another interesting fact which is quite popular about this place is unlike most Hindu communities, Bishnois bury their dead instead of cremating them. This is because of the strict prohibition on the felling of trees, the wood of which is required for cremation. Apart from these, there are a host of other compelling reasons that are enough to lure tourists to come for a safari in the Bishnoi occupied villages. Bishnoi Village Safari is the organization started by a group of local people to help tourists take a glimpse of rich cultural life of Bishnoi Villages and True Rajasthan. So if you are planning to come to Rajasthan then do not miss on this wonderful village safari which will give you the experiences that you would cherish all through your life.

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