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It is a renowned prehistoric city of Rajasthan. Situated on the northwest region of Ajmer, the serene city of Pushkar is a desired location for countless sightseers as well as followers coming to Rajasthan. Positioned at an elevation of 512 metres, Pushkar is bordered by hummocksfrom 3 sides. The Snake Mountain also known as Nag Pahar creates an all-natural boundary in between Ajmer and Pushkar. Also, identified as 'Rajasthan rose flower garden', the renowned Pushkar rose is distributed around the entire world. Together with a fascinating mythical background, a heritage of ageless architectural makes this place an interesting city.

As mentioned in holy books,God Brahma, is the maker of the World and once he released a lotus to the ground which resulted into a lake. He made a decision to name the place after that flower name and that’s how Pushkar name was kept. This place is the only holy place devoted to God Brahma in the entire planet. Hindus look at a trip to Pushkar as the supreme pilgrim's journey that has to be carried out to acquire redemption.

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Getting there

Airways :Jaipuris the nearest airport .
Railways : Well-connected withAjmer
Roadways : Pushkar is linkedwith Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ajmer

Travel Information - Pushkar

Area :16.34 km2
Best Timeto visit :October- March
Temperature Details :
Summers : April to July25°c - 45°c
Monsoon : July to September 25°c - 35°c
Winters : October to March8°C - 22°C

Pushkar Tourist Attractions

1. Puskar Lake
As per Hindu religious books, the divine Pushkar Lake is identified as 'Tirtha Raj', the king of all holy journey places. No religious expedition is looked at as a whole without taking a dip in the divine Pushkar Lake. Semi-circular fit and pertaining to 7-10 metres deep, the Lake has 52 showering ghats and more than 400 holy places which is genuinely a splendid view to witness.

2. Pap Mochini Temple
It is a heavenly shrinewhich is blessed by the divinity Ekadashi Mata. Visiting this spot gives relief to aficionados from their sins. Set in the northerly region of Pushkar, the place is having a remarkabledivine pertinence alongside displaying a radiant framework, the Pap Mochini holy place is amongst the highly blessed holy places of Rajasthan.

3. Brahma Temple
Snuggled in the photographic Pushkar valley besides the Nangaparvat and Anasagar Lake, the Brahma holy place holds a unique site in the hearts of Indians. It is the only templeonthe globe which is devoted to God Brahma. Constructed with marble and embellished with silver coins, this holy place could be determined by its red apex and the picture of a swan .The Chaumukh (4 faced) deity of God Brahma is kept in the internal temple. A marble sculpture of the God Surya also stands guard at the holy place. Surprisingly, while all the gods are revealed bare footed, Surya is displayed putting on old warrior's boots.

4. Man Mahal
It is among the best royal residences of Pushkar. It was established to act as an imperial visitor home for King Man Singh I. This royal residence is just one of the highly eye-catching locations to discover in Pushkar. The Rajasthani design from the majestic period that embellishes the manor turns it into an aesthetic delight. It has actually currently been transformed right into a heritage resort, called the RTDC Hotel Sarovar, and permits visitors to take pleasure in the appeal of the royal residenceandalso the breath-taking sight of the lakes and shrines around the Lake.

5. Atmateshwar Temple
This exquisite 12th century shrine is devoted to God Shiva and has a below ground segment. The complex Hemadpanti architectural design carvings offer this holy place anamazing look. Great numbers of followers group come here to pay their respects throughout the propitious time of Shivaratri, when God Shiva is ritually valued.


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