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List Of Things To Carry When You Go On Trip

Basic Travel Kit

» Itinerary Printout (at least 2)
» Travel Guide / Map Print Out (at least 2)
» At least two Copies of PhotoIDs for all members
» Mobile
» Mobile Charger
» Pen and a small Diary
» Bag locks (2 or more)
» Backpack or Carry bag
» Extra spectacles with cover
» Spectacles cover
» Torchlight
» Small Scissor
» Watch
» Sunglasses, if required
» Small water bottle, say 500 ml
» Match Boxes or Flint or Cigarette Lighter
» Plastic Bags / Plastic ZipLock Bags
» Twist-ties, safety pins
» Novels or two



» Chocolates, toffees, chips, chewing gums, mouth fresher, dry fruits etc


Camera Kit

» Camera with bag
» Camera Charger and its cable
» Camera Battery
» Extra Camera Battery, if possible
» Tripod
» Filters
» Remote Release with spare battery
» Extra memory cards, if possible
» Photography Handbook



» Tooth Brush
» Tooth Paste
» Toilet Soap
» Shampoo Pouches according to the schedule or a small shampoo bottle
» Tissue Papers
» Face wash if required but common for girls
» Hair Oil
» Deodorants
» Moisturizing Cream
» Lip Guard
» Cologne Talc
» Comb
» Small Mirror
» Feminine Hygiene, if required


Shaving Kit

» Shaver / Razor / Trimmer
» Shaving Blades ( If possible keep some extra blades)
» Shaving Foam or Cream


Clothing Kit

» Clothes as per the schedule
» Towels
» Socks
» Handkerchiefs
» Slippers
» At least one light jacket


Air Travel

» Air-ticket Printout (if flying with e-tickets)
» Credit/Debit Card photocopy both side from which booking was made — Don’t forget to strike of CVV number
» Authentication Letter if someone else’s Credit/Debit Card


Mountains Must Haves

» Digital Thermometer (Optional)
» Cold Cream
» Lip Guard
» Hats / Caps
» Heavy Woolen Clothing including woolen socks (Severe Cold / Snow)
» Woolen Hand Gloves (Severe Cold / Snow)
» At least 2 pairs of thermal.


Trekking Must Haves

» Mountains Must Haves
» Hard Wooden Stick (Also handy in snow for the grip)
» Rain / Snow Protection Gear like Rain Coat / Rain Suit
» Hats / Caps
» Gaiters for snow or water
» Water Bottles (Snow trek needs more water than we think)
» Trekking Shoes


Beach Must Haves

» Hats / Caps
» Sunscreen lotion (SPF 50 or greater) or Sunblock
» 2-3 Extra Shorts,
» An extra slipper and extra towel for back pack
» Thin single bed sheet – if not interested in beach shack / bed always
» Lip Guard with sunscreen
» Long-sleeved overshirt and a thin pair of pants as night gets a bit cold at beaches


Medicine or First-aid Box

» Pain Relief Spray
» Betadine – Antiseptic cream
» Combiflaim – Pain Killer
» Avomine – Relief from Dizziness, Motion Sickness and Vomiting
» Digene – Relief from Flatulence, Indigestion, acidity (mild)
» Zinetac 150mg – Acidity or gastric problems (only if severe)
» Entroquinol – Relief from Loose motion (mild)
» Crepe Bandage – 2 (for fractures)
» Eye Tone for soothing eyes
» D-Cold Total or Vicks Action 500 for cold
» J&J Band-Aid FastHeal Washproof – Long, Square and circle patches
» Cotton and Dressing Bandage
» ORS or ORS-L Tetra Packs
» Ongoing Regular Medicines, if any


Disclaimer– Well medicines listed here are just my suggestion as it suits me and you shall always consul your doctor before taking any of these.


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